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    My favorite organizing tips is to dump it! Wasteful or well-done?

    One of my favorite organizing tips is to dump it! Anything that you havenít used in the past year probably needs to be thrown away. Donate those clothes that you never wear. Get rid of the shoes that are 10 years outdated. Now i did it. I took my 20 year old leather boots off after wearing them a last time and than I tossed them in the trash:

    My foot doctor told me never donate old boots. Here is why:
    1. bacterias, foot fungus ...Gross!!!
    2. the persons foot is NEVER shapes like yours and therefore can be unhealthy

    Donating and recycling (Nike Reuse-A-Shoe program) is very important!!! But i got a bad shudder and i say "gross" to those 20 year old leather boots. I think the reality is that those old boots were just old, unhygienic, nasty garbage for landfill or waste incinerator. Do you agree with me? Wasteful or well-done?

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    Nah, I have to agree with you. Recycling, donating and re-using is great, but there are just some things that I wouldn't want to use after someone else. So I say, well done.

    When cleaning out your clothes each season, or pitching old stuff like C.D.'s and videos or old furniture or kitchen stuff, you should check locally for a group called Freecycle. I belong in my area, and I have donated a lot of stuff to people who really could use the stuff I am pitching. You would be amazed at the stuff people need (or want). You can also post if you need or want something and sometimes people can come up with it!

    Good luck to everyone with their organizing!
    Rach creating as Steel City Scraps

    Check out my blog here!

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    Well done .. nobody wants those stank boots. I believe that many people agree with me in this case. If they were that old, those 20 year old boots were just smelly gross garbage. Yuuucky!!! Well thats my honest answer ..... sent your response, please do so

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    I agree and I second the recommendation of Freecycle!

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