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Thread: How About You?

  1. How About You?

    I was just thinking, I love being my age, which is 43. But then again, turning 30 was a great time in my life... I remember feeling like I had finally become an adult (cough, cough, kinda)

    What about you? What do you think was / or is the best age to be? And why?

    Think we could scrap a page about this? I'm thinking it might be fun!

    LOL.. or better yet, the worst age to be... for me, that would have to be 13.. one big walking hormone, all ackward and insecure... YUCK!! That might be a pretty depressing scrapping page

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    Thirty was my ideal too. I thought I would be taken more seriously because it was an adult age. But the ladies I work with still call me "kid", so you can't win! LOL

    I'm almost 34 and still pretty happy being in my 30's.


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    I'm 48 now, pushing that 50 mark. I think my early thirties were the best. I was financially secure, had a good job & stable marriage. All the insecurities of my teens were long gone by then. The only think lacking was children, but we made up for that later, lol.

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  4. I am turning 30 this January and if I think about it too much I start freaking out. The hardest age for me was probably high school. I just never could fell like I fit in. Loved the early 20s - end and just out of college - sorta starting my life.
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    I'm 23 I like my age, but i don't know what i think about it in 10 or maybe 20 years *g*
    When i see my children i think 1-5 years must be a great much fun and the biggest problem is, when Mum says "no"
    Greetings from Germany!

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    I am unsure about my age! *33* i like who i am and who i have become as a person, but there are things that happen around me that i cannot control and i hate that. Why can't i control them? Am i too old or not old enough to have the skill!! I've got wiser to my Dh mother, and i don't like her or his sister one little bit. Friends are far more important to me now. I love and adore my family and i cherish them more than ever. I suppose i like my age really - i just wish that as i get older my body wouldn't go with me!! LOL

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