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Thread: Newbie, glad to be here!

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    Newbie, glad to be here!

    Hi! My name is Cheryl and I am brand new to scrapping. In fact, I haven't had the nerve yet to even start (why is that?). I think it intimidates me just a tad lol, but it intrigues me as well. I am no newbie to graphics, as I have worked with Corel and PSP since about 1992, so I don't really know why I hesitate to scrap lol. I am 48, very happily married, mother of 5, grandmother of 5. I was a nurse until I became disabled by Multiple Sclerosis in 1986. Although I do not work outside the home, I am by no means sedentary as I help to raise my almost 2 yr old grandson - and he runs me in circles while running circles around me lol. I hope to learn a lot while here and am looking forward to getting to know everyone and FINALLY starting to scrap!
    *hugs* Have a fantastic day!
    Che (Shay)

    "Inside me lives a skinny woman crying to get out.. but I can usually shut her up with chocolate!"

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  2. Ok.. Now I can officially Welcome you in your very own thread :)

    Glad to see you came out and decided to start scrapping!!'ll be addicted in NO Time!!

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    Feb 2007
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    Hi Che and welcome to GDS. You'll find that everyone here is very friendly and helpful, can't wait to see some layouts by you.
    Elaine My Blog

  4. Hi :) Glad to see we both joined at the same time :) And yes... you WILL be totally addicted in no time! lol

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    Welcome Che and if you need help getting started just ask.


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    Welcome to you again Cheryl...glad to see that you have found GDS. I know that you are going to love being a part of this wonderful community. The members are so friendly and helpful.

    I am a grandmother to 3 boys so I can imagine all of the fun that you have with 5 grandkids. Can't wait to see your work in the galleries.

    Check out some of the challenges--I know that you will find them to be fun!

    Again welcome to you, happy to have you aboard.

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    Welcome to GDS... Glad you found us!


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    Hi Cheryl, get comfy cause you'll probably stay awhile!!

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    Hi and welcome!! You have come to the right site as everyone is very friendly and helpful! Check out the challenges to give yourself some ideas of where to start!! Or, look in the gallery for inspiration :)

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    Welcome! This is a great place to get started. I also recommend getting involved in the challenges. I've learned so much by doing them! Can't wait to see your layouts in the gallery!

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