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Thread: Let's get Inspired....

  1. Let's get Inspired....

    How are you feeling these days? The holidays are coming... are you ready to get inspired to do some awesome scrapping?

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    Sep 2006
    Varna, Ontario, Canada
    I'm ready to scrap lots of Christmas gifts :) I have some done already along with lots of cards. I'm looking forward to the holidays this year and want to 'make' as many gifts as I can.

    I can't say here what I am making cause some of the recipients of the gifts visit here

  3. Oh boy... you sound a bit like Santa.. I think I better be good for goodness sake! j/k :)

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    I'm working on calendars for gifts, but can't seem to really get in the Christmas spirit. Maybe after Thanksgiving, when we get the tree & decorations up.

    "The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart." Author Unknown

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    Sep 2006
    Dunedin, New Zealand
    I'm halfway through my Christmas cards and I might scrap a couple of additions to some presents.
    I love Christmas and generally have it planned out ages in advance

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    Sep 2006
    Wanganui, New Zealand
    hmm I dont know.. christmas too me is more stress than anything.. so i just dont know. I do plan to make a calendar but Im having issues with ideas or inspiration
    Phoenix aka Melissa - SAHM of Shania (13) and Jordan (10)

  7. Well I was more thinking along the lines of NOT Christmas shopping.. hehe! I'm gettting to be an old bah-humbug myself!!

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    LOL! you two . No humbuging alowed. I scraped father-in-laws present. Marched him right outside and took pics of his new prised possesion, His harly. Im going to send them to be printed 12x12 for me. Anyone know an good place?
    Then im framing them. Im trying to make an book for my dad too. but ive hit an creative block.

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