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Thread: Is there a limit

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    Is there a limit

    to the number of layouts that can be posted in the gallery per day? I'm just curious. I am looking for a new "home" and I want GDS to be it. It was Scrappin Secrets, but they are merging with Scrapbookers Playground. :( I've been uploading my layouts here no more than 5 a day. I hope that's okay with yall!
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    I havent struck a limit Lynds but I havent gone more than 5 in one day either. So Im not sure. I guess one way to find out is post more than 5 and you will surely find out if there is or not

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    I haven't seen a limit either, but I limit to 5 in a day usually. I am trying to load my older layouts to make this my home gallery, so it is taking me a while. Maybe Holly or Debra can clarify.

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