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  1. It's a puzzle to me

    Have you seen this layout?

    I want to know how the puzzle was done. It looks so real.
    - Diamond
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    I saw it too, I know I tried to do it not too long ago to a photo and gave up, there are puzzle pieces in my PSE 4.0 program. Maybe we Inge to teach us.
    Elaine My Blog

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    I know how it is done!! I am pretty certain that it is an action, cos I have it, I will need to go and check my TOU files to find out where you get the actions from - they do different ones for different numbers of pieces in the jigsaw! I will be back to add the link soon!!

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    Ok, here is the link to one site - it is a free demo, but you pay for the full programme

    BUT, I know I also have free full ones which i will find the link to in a bit!

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    HERE'S A LINK to an action by panos that does this - FREE

    link here to the thread in GDS - it has the link in it - there is a puzzle free action on it

    here's the link to the puzzle action i use - there are about 30 free actions on this site - this is one of them

    We do not stop playing because we grow old...We grow old because we stop playing.

  6. Wow, some actions are AMAZING! Some I wouldn't know what to do with them. Thanks for the puzzle one. I am ready to find a layout to use it on.
    - Diamond
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  7. Oh wow, what a site Helen! Just visited and felt like I was sitting at a slot machine with the lights and bells going off! JACKPOT! LOL Great resource site! TFS :)

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    Shana, I laughed at your response until I visited the site. I laugh no more. Seriously! Thanks Helen, I've got tons of new inspiration now.

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    Sorry didn't see this tread before !
    Helen is right ! It is that action ! I had it for a long time but this was the first time I've used it...
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    Woohoo....thank you for your answer Inge that layout is darling. I love the puzzle action that you used.

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