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Thread: How Long Do You Take To Do A Layout?

  1. How Long Do You Take To Do A Layout?

    I'm one of those slooooow moving scrappers and I usually need an entire evening to finish just one layout...How about you?

  2. Sometimes i use a kit, sometimes I make my own, so it all depends. The one I uploaded here of the zebras had some of my own work and some of others' work so it took me a while... If I use a kit I can usually do one in an hour or so. If I make my own it can take days to get everything the way I want it.

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    Sometimes it can take a full day I get so darn picky. Kits can take me weeks though so a day is ok!

  4. I agree with Rebecca, some things can take forever. Personally, I haven't been at this long enough to accurately gauge actual time spent, but I do know it takes me HOURS sometimes. The "Lauren's Heart" layout took almost all day (tweaking & erasing things here and there, off and on). The "Derik and the dog" layout took just about an hour, it fell together rather quickly. Hopefully, more will come together like the latter. lol

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    I have done 6 LO in one day before I dont know how I did it but yeah it happened. One LO took me 5 hours to do. I noticed that if I dont have any idea in my head it will take a long time to do or I will just give up and come back to it later. So really I gotta sorta see the finished product in mind before i can start one.
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    If I would quit trying to work on stuff late at night and get up extra early then the LOs (& designing) go sooo much faster. I have a tendency to "get" ideas at night, but the brain cells to bring those ideas into fruition need sleep. Some layouts I can force if I need to, but the ones that just "come" usually turn out the best. When I have to think too much it shows. But yeah, Debra, my rate is usually 1 layout a day, too.
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    Yup I'm at one LO a day right now to. With a little one around, time to actually devote to scrapping is limited to a few hours at nap time or after she goes to bed. For a while there when she was younger and immobile, I was getting 2 or 3 done in a day! Yikes.
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    Today I am at 5 hours and counting :P

  9. mostly if the computer cooperates with me Im thinking anywheres from a half hour to an hour and a half. But if the computer hates me, it takes me three, four sometimes longer to finish a layout---but then Im dealing with a tempermental computer that is 5 years old and was already three when I got it--so its OLD!

    Hopefully after my upgrade (well rebuild) it won't take me near as long!
    ~The Name Behind Neverland Scraps~

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    If I'm uber picky about it - they can take hours. But if I sort of let it happen naturally and don't pick pick pick too much then I can knock 'em out in 30-45 minutes. It depends.

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