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Thread: New to all of this

  1. New to all of this

    Hi everyone! I'm new to all of this Digital Scrapbooking.

    I used to be a scrapbooker before I had twins, but now there just is no time! This looks really interesting especailly since I take their pictures right now and turn them into DVD movies with music. I'm going to make scarpbook pages, save them as pics. Then do the same with my DVDs but make it look like a scrapbook turning pages but with FUN music. It will take a while since time is limited with twins and working!!

    Any advice on where to get freebies especially since money is soo soo tight right now. I can't afford anything.

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    Hi 2scoops. You have come to a GREAT place for ideas and inspiration. This is THE Best digiscrapping site around.
    I work on a limited income also. There are many things you can do to get you started. Program wise...if you do a search you can find one for a 30 day trial offer. I work in Paint Shop Pro, it was the easiest to learn within a good price range. I also have Photo Shop..which I have gotten for free but for some reason it intimidates me. I still will dabble in it. But there are many out there to choose from.
    As any good shopper I look for freebies. Many of the other digiscrapping sites offer free daily downloads etc. ( oops..yes I go there too, thats why I can say THIS site IS "THE BEST") Im also a member of other graphic forums (they dont do much digiscrapping) but I download tubes from them "free" which can be used as element etc. I also wait and get an idea what I'd like to buy from here...wait for a sale and then order $10 this way Im intitled to the Free Colab Kit.
    I also join in on as many challenges as I could. These great ladies offer the nicest participation bonuses. Plus I love a challenge.
    I hope this helps a little. If not dont hesitate to ask. Everyone here is great!!!

  3. Thanks. Program wise I'm just using MS Publisher to it my pages right now, then save it as a jpg or bmp file then transfer into Vegas Video. I will try to upload my siggy of one page that I made by mylsef.

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    Hi Sarah! Welcome to GDS! There is a Designer Giveaways forum and a Member Giveaways spot, too, where you can get some freebies. I'd suggest that you find the blogs of designers you like, because most of them give away blog freebies during the week. When you find stuff here in the store you like, there is an option to add it to a wishlist. Then, do like sexy_eyes said and wait for a sale, make a purchase of $10 and get the fab collab kit!

  5. Your page is awesome! Digi-scrapping is ADDICTING! I only found it a couple months ago, myself and now I've done over 60 pages! LOL! My time is limited too, I have a new baby, so I scrap while she naps or sleeps or DH is home to look after her! LOL! But having 2, wow, that's awesome! My hats off to you, I have my hands full with one! If you like Publisher (I've used Publisher for years, love it...) you will find Photoshop elements pretty easy to learn too. There is a free 30 day download at Very user friendly and you can do sooooo much more than in Publisher...
    Welcome to GDS, it is the best and you will love it here!

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    Welcome to GDS, I know you're going to love it here. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. You'll find a number of different challenges, check out the Swap that Debra hosts each month, sign up is until the 15th of this month. I host the Progressive Challenge there's one now in progress but another will start on the 15th, hope you join us in that. Like I said so many different challenges going on in here. Erin aka mosser77 hosts the Praise Game a great way to leave praise to other members and also a way to leave a link of one of your layouts that need extra attention. There are just so many things to do here to keep you busy. Again welcome to GDS.
    Elaine My Blog

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    Welcome! :) This is one of the friendliest and helpful places on the web! See you around the forums...
    ~~Julie P.~~

  8. Welcome!! Lots of digi freebies to be found. Just google digital scrapbooking freebies and you'll find tons!

    You'll find that digi scrapping is much easier when you have little ones. No mess to worry about, and you can complete more pages in less time once you have the knack of it.

    The forum is a great place to find tips and tricks as well.

    Your siggy LO looks great! You're off to a wonderful start!

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    Hi 2scoops...Welcome to GDS...I am so glad that you have found us. I know that the community to be very helpful and if you ever need help just YELL.

    Check out some of the challenges I know that you will enjoy doing them as well. You will get tons of excellent freebies just by doing the challenges. You have gotten tons of advice as to where to find some wonderful freebies. And I can't wait to see your layouts in the gallery. I can't wait to get to know you better too. Welcome to you again...

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    Welcome!! You've found a great place to learn-- everyone is so helpful here!

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