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    So do you pick the pic or kit first?

    So when you are scrappin a LO. Do you pick a kit and then find a picture to go with it or do you find a pic first then a kit?

    I normally pick a kit than a picture.
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    Lately, I usually start with the kit and then find a picture that fits it! :)

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    When I buy a kit, I usually buy it with a particular photo in mind, so in those cases, I start with the photo, then choose the kit. Sometimes, the designers whose CTs I am on ask me to work with a specific kit, so in those cases it is the kit first.

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    Normally i first pick the photo(s) and then i choose the kit. But in the CTs i get the kit and then i have to find the right picture.
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    i'm the same then jajue;)
    if i want to scrap i first choose a phot and then i search the perfect kit :) but when i get kits to play with i choose a photo which fits to the kit

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    It depends. If I LOVE the kit, I start there, but often I find a pic that I am inspired by and then look for the things that fit it. Lately I have been starting with the kit.

    Oh, and templates - LOVE the templates!!


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    Both! I pick with kits and pics in mind, i paper and digi scrap ....OMG no wonder my house and mind are a complete mess!

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    I usually start with the photo and look for a kit or kits to coordinate. Unless it's CT layouts, then I have to find a photo to work with the kit.

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