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Thread: How Many Have You ?

  1. How Many Have You ?

    On the "eve" of our Introduce a Friend to Digital Scrapbooking Chat..

    I thought it might be interesting to see how many of you have actually had success in converting your paper scrapping friends or just friends in general to digi-scrapping

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    I'm having enough trouble getting them converted into scrapbooking full stop. Working on it though.

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    I havent converted anyone, but CPKMELISSA is the one who got me digi scrappin!
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    I didn't convert her, but I introduced my mom (Robbi1) to digital scrapping in general....she is totally hooked....working on my sister now! LOL!

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    I converted to Gill (beany) from a non-scrapper to digiscrapper and have even got her doing some paper scrapping! Scrapbooking isn't really that big over here - it is growing, but still not very big!

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    My SIL is interested in digiscrapping, but she has never paper scrapped. We're trying to figure out how the two of us can spend some time together so that I can get her started. She lives 5.5 hours away plus has two kids under 2, so it is a challenge!!


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    what is this they speak of?? F-R-I-E-N-D-S?? Where can i get one and how much are they?

    Joy doesn't count - shes like family!

  8. My dd Jburkhart introduced me to Digital Scrappin, I'm just learning and playing with QP's and a few challenges right now. I have always taken millions of pictures and that has rubbed off totally on both my girls!

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