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    What Are Your Thanksgiving Plans

    We usually alternate Thanksgiving Dinner between my family and dh's family. This year we will have dinner with his family at his grandmother's home. We don't have to travel as she lives about 2 miles from us, so that's a plus. There is always a bounty of delicious food and friendly conversation. Everyone brings a dish so that makes the meal prep much easier too. Then we will spend the rest of the day at home and my brothers and their families are supposed to be at our house for the evening meal. By then, I'm usually exhausted & we just relax the rest of the evening.

    So, what are your plans this year?

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    We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here, but think we should! Maybe Gill (beany)'s family and mine can get together for a Thanksgiving celebration!

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    I used to celebrate Canadian thanksgiving with my friends who were married to British soldiers when we all lived in Germany! It was great, Pumpkin pie, sweet potatoes, turkey and the best thing i ever had - creamed corn!!

    So yeah Joy i think 2 English families should get together and celebrate. We can invite your Dad too!

    Plans are in motion - must write them down!!

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    We dont celebrate thanksgiving here in New Zealand either. But I wish we did... just thinking of the yummy dishes!! i dont like turkey tho lol
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    no clue. as my hubby is out of town until Dec. (he left in Oct.) and I dont know how to cook a lot of things. So me and the kids probably wont have Thanksgiving this year.
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    Thanksgiving here in Canada was in October :) We didn't celebrate it this year as it is one of our busiest weekends for U-Pick in our orchard. We usually have all my family over here...maybe next year I will be more organized :)

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    I'm Canadian too, so Thanksgiving is a long time ago! We spent it with lots of family though. And it was my parents anniversary too, so it was great to be there!


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    Thanksgiving usually involves me cooking turkey and stuffing real early in the morning, the kids being home and us stuffing ourselves and being lazy together... I hope it's the same this year :)

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