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Thread: Wacom Tablet?

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    Wacom Tablet?

    I am thinking of buying a tablet. I don't know anything about them other than what I have read online. The new wacom bamboo fun looks like a good one?? Can anyone tell me what to look for before I buy, and are the tablets really helpful? I use photoshop CS2.
    Thanks for any input!!!

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    My husband is a 3D artist and he had a Wacom forever and really liked it. I'm not sure what model it was though. He just got a new Gateway Convertible laptop and it is out of this world....rather spendy lol. I would say just keep in mind the size you want. They come in several different sizes so it's just whatever you would prefer. I would go with Wacom though. Hope this helps a bit.

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    I got one for my bday last month, and I was sooooo excited! It's one of the smaller ones, my hubby researched the heck out of it, it's a wacom too, they are suppose to be the best. However, I haven't quite mastered it, so I havent been using it. Going to take tutorials and then try again. I actually do all of my LO's on my lap top and I don't even plug in a mouse, I just use the little finger mouse thingy on my laptop. Even for extractions. I kept thinking that at least for my supreme team entries I should plug in a mouse for more control, but I am lazy and I do all my scrapping laying on the couch with my computer on my lap. LOL! Still, I am looking forward to becoming close friends with my wacom very soon! I guess I'll have to actually sit up....sigh.... heeheee

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    Hi. My name is Jessica....and I am a WACOM addict

    in all seriousness, i love my WACOM tablets. and yes...that is tablet with an "s". I have a 6x8 wacom intuos at work, and a 6x8 wacom graphire for home. once you learn to use a wacom, i can pretty much guarantee that you will LOVE it!! it makes life much simpler for all sorts of designing projects. personally, i think a graphire tablet is as much as any person needs. even being a professional graphic designer as my day job, i still don't use half the options available with my intuos. my graphire tablet is what i use for the majority of my digiscrapping stuff and it is more than adequate. personally, if you are going to get one, i would get the biggest one you can (as far as largest tablet size). i got the biggest size that will fit in my laptop backpack, for ease of transport.

    i hope that answers some questions. if you want more input...please let me know i am happy to create more wacom addicts
    just me, jessica

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    I had a Wacom on my old desktop and LOVED it....however it was old, didn't have the right connections for my laptop . I used to design web graphics for fun with it and just play with graphic programs I would "paint" on my computer...(before kids!) ... now that I"m digiscrapping I want's on my Christmas wish list! there is SO much more you can do with it...and yes, I'm another one who likes to scrap on my lap in the couch, with my feet mouse here either...all with the touchpad!

    I would imagine if you want to design anything, even for personal use, that a tablet would be great.
    mom to Katie and Lizzie

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    I have one!! It's a Graphire, too. Got it a few years ago for Christmas. I really just brought it downstairs, and loaded it onto my laptop, and started scribbling last week.
    After conquering my laptop touch pad. I can use the tablet much easier now.
    Yes, I am another who scraps while watching TV, with my feet up. LOL

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    Thanks so much for the comments! I ordered a Wacom Bamboo fun last night on the internet. It will be here tomorrow!!! I can't wait! It comes in medium and small; I got the medium one:
    Tablet Size 11.0" W x 9.3" D x 0.3" H
    Active Area 8.5 W x 5.3 D
    Pressure Sensitivity 512 Levels
    Resolution 2,540 Lines Per Inch
    ExpressKeys 4
    Finger-Sensitive Input Touch Ring
    Evidently this is their new line replacing one that they had before? I will let you know how I do with it!!!!
    Thanks again!

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    Harley, congrats!

    And Anita and Amy, I can't believe you are that good with your touch pad, when the mouse is acting up, it is painful to use the touch pad and to think you two can create layouts...that is cool!

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