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Thread: Check out this new thread... :)

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    I keep looking for a nice celtic wedding kit but I come up short every time. Worst part is I want one but cant even make it my self because I just get stumped every time I try to decide what it should look like. I need someone to make up my mind for me. :)

  2. Great thread. I will be looking forward to the 50's kit for sure. Those were my high school years and also I was married in 1958 so lots of memories from those fun fun years.

    Also, any sports related little boy kits would be most welcome. I am working on a Heritage ALbum - slow process - and would welcome any ideas for that as well.

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    I would love to see something with a building/construction theme ... tools, paint/paint brushes, etc. I have a lot of pictures having to do with construction ...

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    OMGoodness! I love this thread. I have so many Ideas for kits, but I don't have the time, or the knowledge of the new Creative Suite that I just got, to do anything about it.

    Off the top of my head...

    a "boo boo" kit. with bandaids, and tears, and kisses, and cutsey (not"scary") doctors instruments...

    Oh, and a Theme Park or Fair kit! With Rollercoasters/Farris Wheels, and corndogs, and cottoncandy, those funky little costumes that people have to wear. Pop the Ballooon games and the fishy in a bowl. ... I think I miss being a kid...LOL

    I'll come back later with more!

    Much Love to Every Scrappy Lady Here!


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    I'm not sure if I'm the only one who would like it, but I would love to see a kit for special needs children. I would prefer something for Autism, but I also have a niece with Down's Syndrome as well.

  6. A kit with vintage planes and jets.

  7. Well since this thread is getting a little action, companion or add on kits for specific themes. Like some of the fabulous boy kits we have here scream for equally fabulous girl kits that are NOT totally soft, pink and purple. Boy/Girl combo kits since well, I have a boy/girl combo, lol! Something for Sisters that isn't pink, peach or powder blue, something w/a little edge. And element packs loaded to the brim with hardware of all kinds. I'd be willing to pay a pretty penny for something like that, that I can go to over and over.
    Okay, I'm done, for now...
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    Have been catching up on the ideas you all have been suggesting here. LOTS of great ideas...keep them coming....I am paying attention to this and I am sure that the others are too....have several of these on my 'to do' list.

    Thanks for ideas!

    We do not stop playing because we grow old...We grow old because we stop playing.

  9. I have a daughter that has been dancing since she was 3. She is 13 now. Of course there is always a lot of pictures with recitals, and competitions etc, but I can never find much scrapbooking stuff digital or paper.

    I would love to see dance stuff for ballet, pointe, tap, and jazz. Also as much as I would like to see it geared for young dancers I would also like to see it suited for teens too. Maybe some of both.

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    Wow, we are on the same wavelength! I was just about to post a request for a ballet themed kit! I have tons of photos of ballet recitals to scrap.


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