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Thread: Check out this new thread... :)

  1. Thanks for the great suggestions everyone... keep em coming, I'm excited about doing the kinds of kits you all are looking for!

    I'm working on a football one and also a soccer one too!

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Pahina722 View Post
    Does anyone here design brushes? I love playing with them. Examples would be Rhonna Farrer's swirls and flourishes as well as doodly types. Also paper templates--grungy, fantasy, etc.
    HI Paige,

    Yes, I have on my list to include brushes in my next "girly" kit. Maybe I'll take you up on the suggestion of a full brush set instead :)

    Have you gotten a chance to check out the overlays in the store? The overlays work the same way and there's a good mix in there to take a look at :)

  3. Unicorns!! I would love to see a Unicorn kit! My grand daughter and I both collect them.

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    rural Virginia
    I know a few folks (make that a whole forum) that would love anything with an Asian theme...

    I love ribbons that are longer then 3600 so I can angle them on the pages...some kits lately have that..thanks!

    Really love overlays....for photos and pages...and I LOVE a doodles and swirls..they can be used for so many things.

    Love metalic elements.

    Love stitching to 'sew' me papers together ...

    and a big favor.. if your kit had buttons or tags in it, can you give us something to hang it on or stitches to 'sew' the button down :)

    I"m sure I can come up with some more :) thanks for asking!
    mom to Katie and Lizzie

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    I've got a boys kit almost finished. It too is cars. Looks like you'll have several to choose from. I will be doing different boy kits too since I have all boys! The ideas have been great so far..


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    rural Virginia
    oh, and I love girl kits (the boy stuff is cute too but we are in princess overload at our house..even the dogs are female :)....

    I love vibrant colors...usually nothing too pink and brown and greeen ....heck, pink and pink :) love lacey textures..florals... ....

    I also love soft muted colors too..I just love color!
    mom to Katie and Lizzie

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    I've been looking for college kits.
    Like Virginia Tech, or Maryland U.
    VA Tech's colors are maroon and orange.
    Yeh, I know yuk! lol and their mascot is a male turkey. A Hokie!

    Oh my dgs loves trains! couldn't be because I'm 100 yards from the train track, ya think??
    Can you all make kits with name brands like cinderella, Cars, Shrek?

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    Heck, if we're voting for team colors, I need some FSU (garnet and gold) and Florida (blue and orange)--yes, my husband's family is schizophrenic. And I second the request for really long ribbons. I like to angle them as well and can only do so on the edges if they're a traditional 3600, or stretch them out, which can distort them.

  9. GO NOLES! Sorry had to throw that in Paige!!!!
    I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

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    That's okay, Holly! Hubby is still all excited from his guys' weekend with all his frat buddies at the FSU/Colorado game. Yes, they all flew out there and got to hang out for three days.

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