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Thread: just wondering....

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    just wondering....

    Dose everyone have an scanner or digital camera? Any means of sharing non digitals??? Just wondering what we all have access to. I want to do some chalenges and am wondering what I can and cant get away with. Some of my ideas have form to them and just dont look the same as an flat image. Dont worry all the work will be dital though. :) I hope I did not just confuse everyone.

    I will have the first up soon. Then you all can see what I mean. :)

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    I have both camera and scanner - looking forward to seeing what challenges you come up with :)

  3. me too.. i have a digital camera and a scanner... this should be fun!

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    yup - i have both!

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    i have both also.
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    I have both as well.

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    I have both too, but haven't used the scanner in a while!


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    I have both as well

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