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Thread: Death by strawberry

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    Death by strawberry

    What do you think???
    Dose it need somthing???
    Is it tacky???
    I dunno.

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    Cool. love it. Very teenager grunge!!

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    weeeelllll, first thought was I ain't killed anybody...yet...(came close a couple of days ago when we had to boot the grading guy before he was finished...we now have a yard full of huge dirt piles, but good grief...3 weeks & $4000 should have given us the Taj Mahal.) anyway, can't say that I like the teenage goth/grundge look cuz I ain't a teenager, but from a design's good.
    Liz Pike

    Blog updated Thursday October 19

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    :) thank you!! I am mostly trying to improve my photoshop skills. I want to be able to design all the wonderfully detailed things I see. Then I am sure ill be able to understand all the photo manipulation tuts better. This is the most Fun way to learn. :)

    Wow! Strawberry that is costly. I think you would find the guy buried in my back yard. :)

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    rofl @ both of you!

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    What? Is it not a normal thing to plot the demise of others?? LOL!!

  7. It isn't my style, but I've seen all kinds of clothing with skulls, so it is definitely the trend right now! I love the red and black pp, and your embellishments look very realistic! Nice job!

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