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  1. Program Question?

    I have both Photoshop CS2 and Corel PSP X on my computer. I'm a little more familiar with Photoshop CS2 with the tools, but becoming more familiar with PSP X .. I've heard the PS Elements is easier to use for digital scrapbooking? Is there any truth to this or is it more a matter of comfort?

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    This is a tricky question which everyone has their own opinion on!!! I use pspx an absolutely love it. I also have pscs but don't use it, unless i want to run a particular action! As far as PSE goes, there is not much difference between it and PSP, so if you are happy with using PSP, then I would stick with it - pse doesn't do much more than psp in my opinion.

    I guess if you really wanted to try out pse, you could downlaod the 30 day trial, and have a play with it to see what you think :)

    HTH :)

  3. That's what I use CS2 mostly for.. actions. Hmm, I didn't know that about PSE, .. I think, for now, I'll just go with what I know :) Thank you for your reply!

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    CS2 will give you more variety in what you can do with your layouts. If you have CS2, I would suggest using it. It really is the best out of the bunch. There are a lot of actions out there that are for CS2 also and fewer for PSE.


  5. And for what it's worth...PSE doesn't do text on a path :(
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    Quote Originally Posted by HollyS View Post
    And for what it's worth...PSE doesn't do text on a path :(
    But Andrea does

  7. Thanks for the advice :) I think, what I'll try for now, is doing a layout in PSP and one in PS CS2, just to see what works best for me.. then, I'll go look for more tutorials, lol

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    Just to add that my opinion was for a scrapper and not a designer! I know that PSCS has a lot more to offer to someone who is designing (although it is perfectly possible to design using PSP, cos I did and I know lots of other people do!!), but for general scrapbooking, PSP is more than adequate.

  9. I'm going to play with both :) I'm familiar with them equally (if that made sense) and while I can do a simple layout? Designing, there is no way I'm ready, lol.

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    I think the reason why PSE is recommended so much is because it's less expensive than buying CS2 or CS3..... More or less, PSE is a "for home use" version of photoshop, and when people are looking at getting into digiscrapping for the first time, it's eaiser for people to stomach the $99.99 cost of PSE compared to the $649 cost of CS3. If you already have CS2 and/or PSP, that's probably better than PSE in the longrun.

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