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    I am new and just posted my first LO

    My name is Michelle. I have tried paper scrapping for years but only have about 10 pages to show for the $1000+ I spent on supplies. Then I tried DS with store bought software and the will PSE but will a tutorial that just didn't work.

    Today, I found the tutorial by Julie Peterson on here and voila! I made my first page in about 25 minutes or so.

    I am addicted!


    How do you organize your digital scrapbook supplies? By designer or type or both? Help before I go crazy shopping!

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    Welcome! I have my DS supplies organized in a couple ways. I first began creating folders by themes like Summer, Christmas, etc.. If I find a designer that I really like and I get a lot of their products I make a folder just for their products. Either way works but you just have to find the thing that works for you. Good Luck... This is addicting FOR SURE


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    Welcome to Digi are gonna LOVE it. I love the no clean ups and if I make a mistake I can just delete it and have no adhesive to contend with. My supplies are organized by folders and sub folders---like the paper one has blue, red etc in it. I also have a folder for buttons, one for pins, one for alpha's, etc. And then as Theresa said I also have folders where I just sort by designer and keep their entire kits together. So there is no right or wrong way to organize your files it is just how you want them and what is easier for you...

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    The first thing I did was buy an extra hard drive to store all of my scrap files . . . I don't know what I would do without it now!

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    When I started, I seperated my kits as gigichet described above, but then when I started to post LO's and had to list credits, this was an impossiblity to do, so I put them all back together and sort by designer file folder, and by scrapbook site as well, jus to keep everything straight for the designer credits.
    I have some duplicated files in category folders (school, birthday, Christmas, Halloween), but the kits themselves are intact in these folders by designer.

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    Welcome! I'm pretty new too and it is so addicting! You'll love hanging out here at GDS, I check this site before I even check my email! There are so many talented scrappers here that it provides endless insipration.

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    I started doing this almost a year ago and for me it's easiest to keep the kits in sub-folders with the designer who is in a sub-folder of a site. My husband had to finally get me a portable drive to keep my psd files of my LO's in, for some reason I can't make myself delete out those.
    Everyone here is so friendly and helpful. And while I'm at it I may as well tell you to check out doing a SWAP, Debra hosts them monthly, they're fun and you get to know your partner via emails and photos for the swap.

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    Like you, I too only have about 10-15 paper scrapped pages for the last 14 years and $$$ worth of supplies. I am new to digital scrapbooking but wouldn't go back to the old way for all the supplies in the world - in fact, I just gave all my paper supplies to my kids!

    I have two main folders for my digi supplies: by website and by category. I keep all of my kits together by the website I purchased them from in case I need to go back later and find add-ons, etc. Then, I take all of my kits and break them out into categories by theme and by color. I know it sounds crazy but it really helps when I am looking for a summer theme, color theme or a specific item (like an alpha) and saves me the trouble of having to search through hundreds of kits to find what I'm looking for.

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    Welcome to the site - I have found the site to be fun and friendly - with great challenges. I know you are going to enjoy it.

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