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Thread: Quick Page Exchange - Verena's Romantic Summer Breeze

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    I love this kit so I just had to try this challenge. I had never made a QP before, but as soon as I finished my first I knew I just had to make another. So, I made two - they're a two page spread (and hopefully the ribbon lines up right!), but you could definately use the one on it's own. Fun challenge though. And talk about a reward for you're work! I'm so excited to be getting a copy of everyone else's as well.

    page 1
    page 2

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    I want to join too....I just bouthg this kit during the birthday sale. :) I just finish doing one cause it looked fun. Here is mine:

    If I have time, I might even try another one.
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  3. #23 ladies are rockin this kit! Thanks to all those that have submitted. Anyone else interested..... you've got one more day left!

    I could ask that anyone who has already gotten there's done and hasn't sent to me yet, to please do so then I can send the album links out much sooner!

    I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

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    Here's my page - These pages are going to make a beautiful book!!!

  5. Love this kit and all the qp's submitted so far. Can't wait to use them! :)

    Here's mine:

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  7. Here are mine: (I did 2)

    Quick Page 1

    Quick Page 2

    Andrea M.
    Mommy to Patty; Wife of Ashley

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    Here is my page

    Am sending the completed file now :)

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    here is my qp for this exchange.

    lots of great pages in this album

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