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Thread: July 2014 Progressive Art Journal…errr…ATC (Artist Trading Card) Challenge!

  1. July 2014 Progressive Art Journal…errr…ATC (Artist Trading Card) Challenge!

    Hi Everyone!!! I hope everyone had a FAB holiday weekend!!! My weekend was CRAZY….we have a huge party for the holiday and then everyone came back for left overs the next day!! So I am really late with getting my challenge up this month!!! Very sorry!!
    Ok, so one of my most favorite kinds of mixed media is Artist Trading Cards (ATC’s) *ATC’s are alot of fun to make, *just like with art journal pages, let your imagination guide you as there is only one hard fast rule of ATCs and that is the SIZE!! They are always 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches. They can be landscaped or portrait. *For me, ATCs are like potato chips, I cant just make one!!! *I usually have to do a page of them!! When I used to paper craft before I discovered digital, I would make ATCs by the dozen!!
    So I thought it would be fun to introduce you all to the world of ATCs!!! I know that on the internet they have tons of different swaps and exchanges with ATCs, so this month we can all learn about ATCs and then maybe next month we could do a swap with each other??? Let me know what you think!!
    I created the stash builders this month to be specifically for ATCs. The backgrounds are the right size and all of the accents are scaled down to fit the ATCS. *To make it easier for you!! In your monthly coupon I am also going to include my other ATC kits so that you can have a choice of things to use as I realize that most of you wont have things that are ATC sized..although you can size down anything from any kit!
    As always we have our FREE Stashbuilder


    This month all of my ATC kits are included with the coupon (except the stash builder BUNDLE, this is NOT included)
    COUPON CODE:*2chmd_julyATC_50
    Good for 50% any ATC Stashbuilder or kit (excluding BUNDLES)
    Good for 2 uses per customer
    Expires: July 31,2014
    Shop in my ATC Catagory HERE!
    So what IS an*Artist Trading Card?? Well it is a little one of a kind piece of art that YOU create!!! I don’t want anyone to get overwhelmed with these as you can use the same techniques on these as you do your art journal pages! They are just smaller!!
    Here is a step by step for paper but can still be used for digital by*Wiki*that you can check out. There are TONS of images out there for you to look at to see how it is done! Check out this*Google Image Search*to see a gagillion examples! As you can see by the examples…ANYTHING GOES!!!
    Please let me know if you have any questions at all!!
    For this month we are going to make a total of FOUR…yes 4 ATC’s!!!! Please don’t let that keep you from joining the challenge!! I promise its more fun than work!!!
    Week 1 ~ ATC 1:
    Step 1: *I want you to look thru the kit or stash builder that you have chosen to use for your first ATC. *What is the first thing that comes to mind? Does something there make you think of something else? *When I made my ATC for this week I chose the girl with the long hair because when I looked at her a verse from a song in South Pacific came to mind “I’m going to wash that man right outta my hair” *So while creating I was singing that song the entire time!!
    One of the images might remind you of a quote, a song verse, a sassy saying or even a commercial jingle…whatever it is just go with it and start there!!
    Step 2: Choose your background. Remember you can alter these backgrounds!! Dig into your brushes and shapes, make them YOU!
    Step 3: You need a main image. You can use the one that made you think of your theme, that would work great and set that up as your biggest image in your ATC.
    Step 4: Put your quote, jingle, verse whatever you chose on your ATC. I used a couple different fonts, clipped a paper to one of the words, as usual the sky is the limit.
    Step 5: Now you can add in your other accents. Remember this is a small canvas so you might want to choose a couple things or you might want to do some brush work, you will know when your art is done because it will feel done!!
    Step 6: *Post it to our*ART JOURNAL/MIXED MEDIA*gallery along with all your other wonderful creations and then post back here in this thread to we can all see what you are up too!
    Here is my week 1 ATC

    Cant wait to see what you all come up with!!! Now go forth and create magnificent things!

    WEEK 2

    Hello Amazing AJers! Birdee here for the lovely Christina who pesky real life is keeping away for a few days -- boo! No worries, she'll be back with a new challenge next week. But while the 'boss' is away the Bird will play...

    The past year has been difficult and exhausting for my family. Thinking about how we got through it and found the strength to take care of what needed taken care of gave me an idea for our Week 2 challenge. Ready?

    Create an ATC based on where you find the strength to get through the hard times and what keeps you going. Is it a special person? A song? Quote? Your faith?

    Here's an ATC I did last year and stuck on my refrig to remind myself to keep a positive attitude in spite of all the drama around me.

    Name:  mixed_bitd_atclemons.jpg
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    I'm excited to see your ATCs! Happy Creating!

    Week #3

    Hi Everyone! I'm back!! Thank you Birdee Dooo for filling in for me last week!!! It has been crazy for me this past week, I ended up in the hospital severely anemic to the point where I ended up with two blood transfusions. So now we are in the process of figuring out what the problem is, it is very frustrating!! But i am feeling better, good enough to whip up this week's challenge!!!

    Ok first a couple of announcements. There wont be a Progressive Art Journal Challenge next month as I have ten million things going on and Im not even sure if I am going to have time to make stash builders yet. IF I get the stash builders done I will still post in the thread so you all can get your coupon and you can just do a free for all page and post it if you want!! I will be resuming the challenge in September!

    Second announcement. I have a "Holiday in July Sale" going on until July 31st. I only have ONE Christmas kit so I decided to do all my holiday kits! So there is a Halloween, Valentine's Day, Christmas and a winter one. All kits and add-ons are 60% OFF (there is some items that are only .60 cents and .90 cents!) BUT if you buy a bundle they are 65% OFF so its cheaper to buy the whole thing!!! You can find them in my Holiday Catagory

    Ok so on to the challenge!!!

    Step 1: This week your ATC needs to be landscaped (3.5 x 2.5)

    Step 2: Choose TWO papers to layer.

    Step 3: My husband has been irritating the heck out of me today so I chose a "man bashing" theme! :-) So I want you to find a silly, sassy quote that you can poke a little fun at your significant other with. If you don't have one then you can find one that makes you think of your best friend, or your kid...or something that just makes you laugh as it pokes at someone!!!

    Step 4: Created the rest of your ATC around the theme of your quote!

    Step 5: You know the drill, post in the gallery and then head back here to show it off!!

    Here is what I came up with. " cant live with them, you can't leave them on the side of the road!" (although my MOM says you most certainly CAN leave them there! LOL)

    Name:  julyprogressiveaj3.jpg
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    Week 4:

    Well I am a terrible host!!! Things have been crazy this month. I've been in the hospital twice and my hard drive died Saturday so I have been without a computer (until my hubs just hooked up his laptop for me) since then...I DID make my ATC Sat morning...and I thought i had posted but apparently I must of been dreaming about posting!! I don't know!!! I guess I really do need to take Aug off!!! LOL. this week it is "Creator's choice" Have you read something funny lately? Someone annoy you? Whatever you want to do! Its up to you!!! The only rules are that it has to be an ATC..can be portrait or landscape!!!!! Lets see what you come up with!!!

    You know the drill when you are done post it in the gallery and post it back here for some love!!!

    You guys are awesome!!! I will see you in September!!!

    Here is what I came up with plus a sneak peek of my kit "She Said What?" That is coming out on Friday!!

    Name:  2chmd_followyourheart_atc.jpg
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    Coming this Friday

    Name:  2chmd_sneakpeak_shesaidwhat.jpg
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    ATC's can be fun to do! Should be a fun month!
    I'll be back with mine!

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    Yay! the gremlins let you post! This is going to be fun!!

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    Here are a couple of ATC's I made a while back with Stash Builders 11 to 17 by 2CurlyHeadedMonsters Designs Stash Builders 11 to 17, In the Pink and Sweet Celebration, font is Action.
    Just to help out with ideas! I'll be back with my new one shortly. :)

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    Here is my try at week 1 its in the gallery here.

    >>> Blog >>> Facebook >>> Pinterest >>>

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    Here is my first try at an ATC. These are really fun to do.

    The Merry Month of May

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    wife, mother of 2 children and three cats

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    This was my first ever ATC and I loved it. After I looked at the elements the Song Under the Boardwalk stuck in my brain - here is the result:
    Name:  GDSProgressiveATCWeek1.jpg
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    week 2
    Name:  GDSProgressiveATCWeek2.jpg
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    week 3
    Name:  GDSProgressiveATCWeek3.jpg
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    You all are doing great!! I love these!! Im so glad you like doing ATCS! they are my favs!

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    Makes me think of all the dresses I made for my Daughters and Granddaughters over the years.


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