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Thread: In Memorium of a friend, Catherine Simon..."Hivart"

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    Oh Dawna....I am so sorry to hear this, but glad you are taking the steps needed to put you and your health first!
    Please take care of yourself! We do not want anymore sad news here. The news of Cath has us all in disbelief!

    Quote Originally Posted by True North Scraps View Post
    I was shocked to bits when I heard the news Wednesday. I'm still struggling with this for so many reasons. Not only do I struggle with the loss of somebody I was just getting to know, somebody who was a beautiful woman in so many different ways; but also we are very close in age and she passed from a heart attack. Until now only Andrea and a very small handful of people know this, but I am (temporarily) leaving designing this summer due to my health situation in an attempt to ensure I don't have a heart attack or any of a number of other heart disease related problems. So my struggle is that not only am I sad and will miss Cath, but this hits much too close to home for myself physically as well and scares the heck out of me.

    My heart goes out to her friends and her family who must be having an incredibly hard time with this.

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    Dawna - sorry to hear about your health. But exactly as Cathy said - take care of yourself.

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    Please look after yourself Dawna, your health is the most important thing you can do for yourself.

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    So desperately sorry to hear about the loss of Cath - she will be sadly missed & I feel an honor in working with her at one stage on her CT team... I just can't believe it! Prayers speeding across the blue seas to her family and friends... (I haven't been well either with high blood pressure now & then, so that's why I haven't been around GDS much... - I'm going to the doctor's tomorrow...) but I'm hoping to be back real soon with a surprise for you all...
    but GDS won't be the same without Cath
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  5. OMG! I am so.. so.. sorry to hear of her passing. I can't believe she just had a heart attack and really killed her. Did she have a heart condition? Does anyone know how old she was? She didn't have any children still at home, did see? OMG! She was so helpful during the layout contests each year and she was so patient and kind. Does anyone know ,if she knew the Lord? I want to think she is in the arms of God/Jesus tonight. I wish I had a chance to send a nice word of thanks and appreciation, before she left. I'm stunned, but it is as the Bible says, you must be ready to go every minute of everyday. It was a surprise to us and to her too, but not our Lord. I'll pray for her family.

  6. She was 54, and yes she has 3 teenage kids, not sure the eldest is 20 already, all living with her.

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    Andrea what a Beautiful Tribute to Cathy! I have been away the last 2 weeks in Minnesota for my Mom's 85th Birthday Celebration and I just now found out about Cathy as I had no internet till now. I was so shocked and sad to learn of this sweet and wonderful Woman's death but know we have an Angel watching over us and guiding us in our scrapping journeys now. She was an inspiration and always left such sweet comments that made me want to try and do even better as I scrapped. RIP Sweet Angel Cathy! Praying for her Family and Multitude of Friends she has left behind.

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