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Thread: In Memorium of a friend, Catherine Simon..."Hivart"

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    Cathy, Vicki and Maria - what beautiful pages you've created in her honour. It brings a tear to my eye. You've all captured her brilliantly and she will have a special place in our hearts forever.

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    Lelystad, Flevoland, the Netherlands
    Since I heard the news this morning, I am shocked.
    Too young! That's what on my mind...

    I am lucky to say we have met, want to show this photo if I may.

    You will be missed Cath!
    creative greetings,

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    So sorry to hear the sad news about Cath. I could not believe it when I read the news this morning.
    She will be greatly missed.
    My thoughts go out to her family and friends.

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    Cathy, Vicki, Maria and Els - thank you for sharing these beautiful thoughtful pages. Els I love the picture you shared. It feels so good to see her here again. Such endearing tributes.
    It is still hard to believe - :( My she was so young.

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    I saw that on your FB page this morning Els, what a great page. So great you were able to meet. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  6. It is amazing how God brings people into our lives for reasons unknown at the time Catherine was one of those people to me. She reminded me so much of my mother and she just pulled me into her circle and made me feel safe. Even though I am 24 years older than Catherine, she and my mother were both 56 years old and both died in June 2 days apart and 24 years apart. When I was down and in doubt of my designing Catherine always knew just what to say. Will always love and remember her. Ginger

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    I still can scarcely believe this true. She will be so missed! I thoroughly enjoyed having her on my CT and she became a dear friend. :(

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    I just pray that she knew how very much we all loved her!
    She was a remarkable person, like someone else of a kind!

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    Quote Originally Posted by britnkaysmemaw2 View Post
    I just pray that she knew how very much we all loved her!
    She was a remarkable person, like someone else of a kind!
    I've been thinking about this a lot today. We all admired and loved her very much, but did she know it? I am convicted that I need to do better about telling the people in my life how much I love and appreciate them. So, I will start now. My dear digiscrap friends, you are more than just a username on a website to me. You are dear, wonderful people and I love you! :)

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    I will miss Cath so much and am still in a daze at her passing We shared 2 CT groups and became friends. She worked so hard for her designers bringing their kits to life with her special flair. She would always comment on my LO's and we had so much fun in the GDS Progressives and in the CT groups ..She will now be looking over us and let's imagine all the beautiful, heavenly LO's she will be doing now. We are all richer for having Catherine hivart Simon in our lives. Deepest sympathy to her family and hugs to all on GDS who knew and loved her..

    Proudly creating for Dana's Footprint Digital Design, Ginger's Scraps N Pixels

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