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Thread: June 2014 Progressive Art Journal ~ What Fruit are YOU??

  1. June 2014 Progressive Art Journal ~ What Fruit are YOU??

    It’s that time again!!! Are you ready to take the challenge???

    This month when I started to make my Stash Builders I had no idea what direction I was going to be going in. I often do that and start with papers and half way thru something will make me think of something else and then that is usually where my kit ends up!! That is what happened here!!!

    So…here is the question for all you ladies…What FRUIT are YOU?? LOL yup you read that right!!! We are going to do a page about what FRUIT we are!!! It will be challenging because while I want you to incorporate the fruit you are into your page but I also want the page to be about YOU…who you are! Does that make sense?? LOL!!

    So…..before I get into what we are going to do specifically let me show you the goods first!!

    Here is this month’s FREEBIE Stash Builder #24 [/SIZE]

    Download HERE

    Here is the coupon information for this month’s coupon!!

    This coupon is good for 50% StashBuilders 24-28 only (the bundle is excluded)

    The Coupon expires 6/30/2014

    It is good for TWO uses per customer (just in case you forget something! lol)

    Coupon Code:


    Here are the previews of Stash Builders 24-28

    Week 1:

    Ok, so we will start this week off by taking a quiz! Yup one of those goofy quizzes they have on Facebook all the time!! You all know what I mean!

    Step 1: Take the quiz to figure out what fruit you are! Here is a list of a few of them, you can try the different ones out!

    What Type of Fruit are You?

    What is your Fruit Personality?

    Fruit Quiz – Personality Test

    These are just a few, you can Google “What Fruit are You Quiz” to get more!!!

    (**Disclaimer** these three worked for me, but I have no idea if they will work for others! I have nothing to do with the sites themselves!)

    Step 2: After you take one of the quizzes (you can also just pick your favorite fruit if you want) Then I want you to think of THREE words that describe that fruit that would also describe you!! Use your imagination here. Think about the look of the fruit, the texture, the taste etc to come up with your words.

    Step 3: Pick out your main paper that you would like to use. along with an image of your fruit. There are some in the stash builders but if you cant find one of your fruit let me know and I will see if I can find you one!!! Then you can just put the fruit on the paper. Anywhere you want it for now, you will prob want to move it once we get going!

    Step 4: Post back in this thread the FRUIT that you are *this makes me giggle* The THREE words you have chosen to describe yourself from your fruit and then the start of your page. Post it in the GALLERY

    That’s it!! Easy Peasy right?? Now go forth you fruits and create beautiful things!!!

    Here is mine for Week 1:

    As you can see I am apparently a “BANANA!”

    Using the words that they used in the quiz that I think describe me my three words are:




    WEEK 2:

    Hi Everyone!! I hope you are all doing great this week!!! I want to start out mentioning that I have a SALE going on in my store!!! 45% OFF Selected kits in celebration of Father's Day!! TWO days only!!!! <---there is my shameless plug! :-)

    This week I want you all to use your shapes, fonts and burn tools!!!

    Step 1: Google the definitions of the three words you used to describe yourself. (We are going to make like little dictionary definition strips)

    Step 2: Choose 3 different fonts, one for each word!

    Step 3: Choose a background. Now I used all the same but you don't have too, you can make up new ones, use a paper whatever you feel goes with your page!

    Step 4: Next choose a shape that you want your definition strip to be (you can use three different shapes if you choose) and then put one word and definition on each!

    Step 5: Secure your strips to each other using some kind of fastener. Im sure you have tons in different can use staples, tape, screw, nail etc!

    Step 6: Take your burn tool and burn in different places on your strips to make them look like you inked the edges a bit!

    Step 7: Just kind of toss it on your page as we have lots more to do and you will be wanting to move it around as we add the other weeks!!!

    Step 8: Post it in the GALLERY and back here to show us what you are up too!!!

    Here is mine for this week!

    Name:  Junechallenge_week2.jpg
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    Happy Creating!

    Week #3

    We are on week 3 of this month's challenge and everyone is doing great.

    Step 1: Choose a thicker font to spell out the name of your fruit. You are going to need it to be thick as I want you to be able to graffiti it. You can put the word wherever you would like, but it need to act as kind of a border to your page.

    Step 1 1/2: Pick a darker color for your font and then use your brushes and stamp away over it and then clip the stamps to the word!! I did a glitter outline for mine!!!

    Step 2: We did our word strips last week, so this week I want you to either use a premade one or make your own splat, smatter, splatter...whatever you like to call them!! (I never know which is the better name!) behind them and then kind of cluster your fruit along with four or five accents around them.!!

    Step 3:Post it in the GALLERY and back here to show us what you are up too!!!

    Here is mine for this week:

    Name:  Junechallenge_week3.jpg
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    Week 4:

    Well its that time again!! We are finishing up our pages!! Everyone has done such a great job!!!

    Next month will start on the July 5th and I am going to do something completely different!! We have been working on straight art journal pages so I thought we could change it up and do some ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) I will still make my stash builder, but I will make you backgrounds in the right size for them!!! Everyone is going to do 4 (one each week!!) I will explain more when It starts but I just wanted to give you a heads up!! is the final prompts for this month's challenge!

    Step 1: I want you to grab the brush or brushes of your choice and create two separate edges and layer them on top of each other! Add texture if you like, use blending modes, they can be two different colors too!

    Step 2: Find a photo of yourself (I know we dont normally use photos!) but this page is about YOU!! Crop it into a square (I use 5 x 5) and place it somewhere on your page!!

    Step 3:Post it in the GALLERY and back here to show us what you are up too!!!

    Here is mine:

    Name:  Junechallenge_week4.jpg
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    This is my favorite challenge - I never know what I will end up with and it is so fun. Thanks for hosting.

    I keep turning out to be citrus fruits. I think I'll go with lime.

    Here is my layout with my fruit all over it....
    Name:  GDSJuneProgressiveArtw.jpg
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    I added back one of the fruits, and I may change the paper with my definitions - it may be too dark. We will see... Week 2:
    Name:  GDSJuneProgressiveArt.jpg
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    This challenge makes me think so much.. I love it. Thank you.
    I changed the papers clipped to my definitions, which prompted a change in the font colors, but I think its for the best. The other stuff was not bright enough..
    I re-sized a bit to fit the new requirements and added back one of my "lime" layers in glitter to enhance my graffiti. Then I tried to graffiti my font in circle-ish style to fit the overall idea. Hope you like it.
    Oh yeah, and the "splat" is from 2chmd brushes
    Name:  GDSJuneProgressiveArtw1.jpg
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    Had a bit of a challenge uploading for some reason...
    Name:  GDSJuneProgressiveArtw3.jpg
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    I took a bunch of these fruit quizzes and usually get banana or orange. I think I'm feeling more orange tonight. My three words are colorful, reserved, and funky. Thanks for the Stash Builder! :)

    Name:  2chmJuneSB_Week1_2Birdee.jpg
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    This sounds like fun, so I thought I might give it a try. In the first quiz I was a lemon, and in the third a strawberry. I like strawberrys better than lemons, so I'm a strawberry. My words are: sweet, colourful and sunloving.

    Name:  Progressive_Art_Journal_June_1.jpg
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    Ba - Na - naaah - I am one of this funny people as well and that is why I am also :

    not boring or ordinary



    I have done severeal other tests to make sure they won´t tell
    everyone the same stuff. And believe it or not they are right.

    Thank you very much !
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  6. Here`s mine for week 1....
    Looks like I am a Strawberry and my words are Robust,Red and Refreshing.
    Name:  Aj_June_Challenge-001_Large_.jpg
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    I'm a strawberry, lol!
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    My words are sweet red garden

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    My Fruit is an orange and my words are


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    I am a Lemon...well not really in the quiz but I love lemons and wanted to do yellow. I am Resilient, Creative, Unique and lots of other things(all good) gggg, I'm an apple or a strawberry or a banana and even a white peach...maybe I will do another one . link to gallery
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