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Thread: June Progressive Scrap Hes My Dad

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    Jan 2013
    Washington State
    Here is my prompt 5.
    Name:  June-Progressive-Scrap-24.jpg
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    Well I've definitely learned something new today. Thanks for the insight Vicki, it's great to know a little background on other cultures, I mean after all, we're a world-wide community!

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    And here is my final layout for this month's Progressive Scrap. This is my Dad, and this is his passport picture taken when he was just over 3 years old. They emigrated to Canada from Norway. He passed away when I was 6 years old, building a major bridge over the Fraser River which runs from northern BC and empties into the ocean here in Vancouver. The funny thing about it is, they just completed a new bridge, building it right beside the one my Dad helped build in the 60s and they are now in the process of dismantling it, and it's going to take a year to complete that task.

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    Thanks for the challenge and the beautiful kit. Here is my last prompt. There is additional info about the photo in the gallery.

    Name:  GDS June progr p 6.jpg
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    Thank you Darlene, Vicki and Ginger for this wonderful 'DAD' kit and I loved the challenge of what to do with 'the pipe'. LOL
    Journaling reads 'My dad loved his hat and the only time I saw him without one was when we were eating. The hat he is wearing in this photo was his best and favourite hat. The photo also shows my family all dressed in our finest as we were going to church. There is a similar photo to this but the other has my Mother standing behind my brothers and I. The photos were taken with the Box Brownie camera'
    link to gallery

    Proudly creating for Dana's Footprint Digital Design, Ginger's Scraps N Pixels

  6. Thumbs up Thanks

    Thanks so much Darlene :)

    Here are mine...

    GDS_MAR_5 ~



    My write up for #6 isn't in the gallery :( Don't know what happened....

    So Journaling reads ~ This is my beloved loving Father - Sydney David Saunders - 1934 to 2001. He was The Best Father one could have and is ever missed - this lovely day in June 1996 was a family picnic with his new grandson - Jack in his arms... we miss picnics without him, family gatherings, Seasonal Times of Celebration, Birthdays, Holidays and just miss him so much in our daily lives - youll be forever missed.

    I CT for Happy Scrap Arts, Honorary CT Member 4 S2SS, Scrappiness Designs & an Advertisting Assistant 4 SNSD ~ "I will love thee, my Lord, as you are my Rock, my fortress, and my deliverer..." Psalm 18 v 1 & 2

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    Such beautiful Layouts, Ladies !
    Darlene, in the famiky album in Austria there is a photo
    of my Dad wearing quiete the same suit (?)as yours !

    Here are my finals :


    Life is not measured by the Breaths
    we take
    But by the Moments that take our
    Breath away.

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    I get all teary-eyed looking at your finished layouts ladies. It seems a lot of us no longer have our dear fathers with us. Amazing pages so far!

    Helga - that is very coincidental isn't it? They were leaving on a ship to come to Canada, hence I'm thinking my grandmother must have wanted him to dress accordingly. And do you knows what even weirder? My Dad's name was Inge, and his younger brother - Helge!

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    Darlene I dont know your fathers year of birth but mine is actually to young to wear an outfit
    like this. I can only guess that he was wearing the clothes of one of his brothers. Actually the
    origin come from the kids of emporer William of Germany.There is photos of them wearing such
    Of course the people wanted to wear their sons a similar one !

    Do your ancestors come from Norway ?
    If I remember right the names Inge and Helge come from there /Iceland.
    WENCHE can surely tell us more about it ! :)

    Helge is of course is the male version of Helga.
    Helga means, the Holy one - Which I am absolutely NOT !!!
    But I love it that it is an icelandic name as I love this island !


    Life is not measured by the Breaths
    we take
    But by the Moments that take our
    Breath away.

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    Thanks, everyone, for such a fun progressive scrap!

    Okay, so, the journaling was totally written as a joke (by me). I thought I'd make my husband laugh. And he did laugh. Then he insisted I keep it on there.

    In reply to the title (Dad, you are simply the best):
    No, really, stop it. I am not anywhere near the best. In fact, I'm only as good as I am because I have the most incredible wife. If I would listen to her more, I'd be so much better. Drastically better. So when you say I'm the best, really what you're saying is my wife is the best. (Note to self: It's possible that trusting said wife with my handwriting font wasn't the best idea ever. Now I know why she was so super helpful when I was trying to make it a few days ago.)

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