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Thread: June Progressive Scrap Hes My Dad

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    I'm going to try this again and hope this month I can make it through.

    Name:  GDS_June_Progressive_Step_1.jpg
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    Fantastic start ladies!

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    Here is my Promt 1, you can see it HERE

    Name:  juneprogressive1.jpg
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    Suzette! It's so nice to see you here again. I hope all is well with you. I was a little absent in the Spring do to my annual HUGE freelance job I do. It's a job that takes almost 2 months to do, so I wasn't around as much as usual this Spring and took a little "leave" from this challenge. Good to see you back being a little creative!

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    First time trying this challenge.

    Name:  Studio4_He_s_My_Dad_Paper-2_copy.jpg
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    Welcome back Darlene!
    Here is my spin on the first prompt:

    These papers are gorgeous - love the textures on them. Thanks Ginger, Vicki and Darlene :)

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    I always find it fun that even though you can see whats coming from the preview - the pieces always surprise me and make me think of how to arrange them. And I am always excited to see what comes next!

    Here is my step 1:
    Name:  GDSJuneProgressive.jpg
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    Step 2:
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    Step 3
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    Step 4
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    Step 5
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    And Finally "Our Best Silly Dad..."
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    Happy to see you back here, Darlene!!
    Here's my 1st prompt:
    Name:  june_prompt_1.jpg
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    Pauline - so glad that you've jumped into your first Progressive Scrap here at GDS. If you have any questions, just hollar. I'm sure there's more than one of us that would jump all over the chance to help! You know us women - we love to give opinions!

    Renee and Cath, I love the touches you made with the last paper that will host the journaling - way to be creative!

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