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Thread: June Font Challenge

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    How much fun is this!!!! Here is my layout with my handwriting. I am going to do another one too in printing. I agree with bekfek that the letters are too far apart in cursive.

    I used this month's collab kit Rest and Relaxation, and Template Pack 9-c from kastagette.
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    Tricia, you have created a monster! lol .... I got my husband and daughter excited about getting their own fonts. My daughter was working on her THIRD one just a little while ago. I just did a LO for the template challenge using her own handwriting! SO cool. Can't get enough of this! Thank you so much for finding that site. :)

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    Here is mine for some reason when I had to use the paint program I ended up with the font having these little lines. Hmm kinda reminds me of grade school tablets! I will try again when I have more time but wanted to get this one done.


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    These are all wonderful! I want to get mine done too, but my printer isn't working. :( Hopefully my Mom can print it for me. I can't wait to try!

  5. I tried this once with a pen and the letters didn't show up very well... broken lines and such. The second time I used a sharpie. It came out fabulous! I don't know if I'd want to use any other font on my layouts now. This makes the pages even more special and leaves a bigger legacy!
    Thanks Tricia for a fantastic challenge. Now to get my designing done so I can make a layout to complete this challenge!

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    Wow - there's some awesome penmanship out there. Such a cool challenge and what a discovery for everyone Trish!

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    I think I finally got it to work, but I too have the lines under some of my letters. I tried it again, but it was even worse. I'm off to finish my page, now that I have my font.

  8. Couldn't wait to see my personal font in use! Thanks for the fantastic challenge!

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    Here's my page, this was such fun, I used a photo of my daughters cat Ditzy so I used the font I had my daughter make with her handwriting. It's named Ditzera after cat Ditzy.

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    This is the coolest thing ever! I have wanted my own font for years. I love the idea of having my DD do it as well, what a great way to preserve her handwriting.

    wife, mother of 2 children and three cats

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