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Thread: June Font Challenge

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    I think I'll wait to you gals get the kinks worked out! lol .... this should be fun if we can get it to work.

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    YAH!!!! It worked - super easy. I did have to reprint the form as my first one smudged the barcode.
    But I'll tell you my handwriting needs a LOT of work!!! Yikes I have sloppy writing LOL!!!!!
    And depending on how far you pull the tails of your letters makes a difference whether your letters will connect one with the other.

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    Hope you can all get it to work! If not, just write on a piece of paper, photograph it, and include that photo on your layout. :)

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    Jul 2012
    Grafton, NSW, Australia
    This is really cool! I have made hubby, and my DD fill out a font sheet and done 2 for myself, what great fun! Will do my layout tomorrow using them.

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    I'm going to do that, too, Vicki, now that I see how easy it is! Here's a sample of mine (along with some notes for those who still haven't done it). *squeal* so excited! I'll be back with my LO :)

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    Jul 2012
    Grafton, NSW, Australia
    Bekki, I love how yours turned out, it was so easy to do.. I didn't see the option for italics or bold though.. Also for those wanting to try it make sure to keep your letter inside and above the box lines. My daughter had the tail of her g over the line and it left a gap.

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    This is such a cool idea Trish. I remember a couple of years ago trying this, but it wouldn't work on a Mac at that point. Trouble is, with my achy hands that I have after all this computer work I've done in my lifetime, my handwriting has gone to "you know where" in a handbasket. But I'm going to give it a try - perhaps I'll print instead of write - may look better - LOL!

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    Okay, so I used it on my first page! I totally plan to use more of it, and I plan to use GDS products when I do, but just in case I forget or run out of time, I want to share what I made. This. is. so. cool. Awesome to see my own handwriting on the page!

    So I just used it for the quote that I repeated along the border and then for my date.

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    Okay, I'm back with a LO using GDS products! I know it seems so self-centered to be this excited about a font in my own hand-writing, but I just can't help it! hahaha

    I used Nightfall - Refreshed by Created by Jill Scraps and the birds are from Spring Sentiments - Fusion Kit also by Created by Jill Scraps

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