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    help with linking images

    Hi, I used to be able to link my layouts with the gallery when I posted them in the forum in the challenges. Now all I seem to be able to do is post the image itself. there is no link back to the gallery.
    First in the gallery I right click on my layout and go to properties, copy the url. back in the forum I reply to forum. then click on the "insert image" and paste the url in the dialog box. My layout then shows up in the challenge gallery like always but has no link back to the gallery.
    Can someone tell me what I I am doing wrong? Thanks for help.

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    You have to grab the link to the gallery from there. With you gallery picture open copy the link in the top bar, go to the forum thread, highlight your LO select the globe with the link on it and in the pop up box, paste the link you copied. That should link up your layout to your gallery.

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