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    Can everyone please read and possably help.

    Hi you all, I am MoMo, I have been a member of the forum for awhile now and love doing the challenges here. They are awesome. I have spoken with Andrea and she gave me permission to post this here.

    My family and I are having a fund raiser to try and raise the money to help fight to save my 4 year old nephew Treven.
    He has been abused by his Mother who has custody of him. She has been charged with Felony Abuse to a minor with injury and her boyfriend has been charged with enabling child abuse with injury.
    Treven had bruises going down one side of his face and under his chin on his neck area where she had grabbed him by the neck. And also another bruise on the other side of his face. Treven told my family, the doctor, the police and a DHS worker what his mother had done, and the Doctor was the one that reported the abuse to get him removed from his mothers home.
    Child protective services here which is also known as DHS. Is wanting to just let her go through some classes and then give Treven back to her. Which I do not understand in any way shape or form. So My brother, Mom and Dad are trying to get an attorney to get custody of my Nephew.
    The retainer for the lawyer will be $2500.00 and then the attorney said by the time its all said and done it will be right at about $5000.00. So we are trying to raise the money for the attorney cause we can't do this on our own. We need help.. We have started a GoFundMe page for Treven called Justice For Treven
    You can read more of the story there.
    I am begging everyone to please help.
    No donation is to small.
    I'm also asking if everyone can please share this link and help spread the word.
    I am not one that likes to air my family problems in public. But I am helpless here, so I will beg and beg and beg some more to try and save this baby from any more abuse.

    Thank you all for reading this.
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    I am so sad to hear of this, I left a donation, I recently lost my niece and a similar thing was set up to help her out with her medical bills. I f not for that my brother would have been left with huge bills after she passed away. I know it is not much but I hope it helps and that your brother gets custody of your nephew. {{{hugs}}}

  3. Sorry to see this. Hope this helps the situation!

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    Ah - this breaks my heart. No child should live like that. Good luck with the custody hearings.

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    My prayers are with all of you--that God leads you and that this baby boy heals completely.

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    I attempted to donate, but the site did not respond--will try again later!!

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    Thank you all for the prayers, kind words and donations. You all have no clue what this means to me and my family. I think this is the biggest struggle my family and I have ever had to deal with. Thank you all so so much again. And I will keep you all updated on this as it goes along.
    Big hugs to each and everyone of you!
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    Update on Treven

    Here is an update for you all. DHS has placed Treven back into the abusive home! They say the Criminal part of this isn't there deal. Can you believe that? They say, that is the cops and DA's job. They feel the child can go back to the home. This is the same DHS that has already had one little girl die cause they placed her back into the abusive home. My family and I are besides ourselves. We have a meeting with the lawyer on Wednesday @ 4pm. We will give him what money we have raised so far. The sad thing about all of this is, If Treven were and Animal, he would be more protected. It just baffles me...
    Please please please help share the Justice For Treven gofundme page and if you can help with a donation, no amount is to small....
    Thank you to everyone..
    Big hugs
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    That is so sad.
    I do know that DHS can only do so much. Their hands are bound by the "red tape" of our states and government.

    We have 2 beautiful Adopted Grandchildren who came from this system. We were the lucky ones to have a case-worker who fought very hard for our family so that my daughter could adopt these special children.

    My prayers are with you and I only hope that you can get him out of that situation.

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    This has been a real struggle for my family. I use to believe in the system. But not anymore. After going through all this, I honestly do not believe they have the best interest of the child at heart. They fight more for the abuser than they do the child.
    It's so sad. When Mom and Dad had to take Treven back from their weekend visit, he told them to Lock the doors so She <the mother> couldn't get him, and he tried to hide in the floor. It breaks your heart....
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