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Thread: May progressive scrap Sounds of Spring

  1. I did my prompts yesterday but with all the things going on with iNSD I forgot to post them here :)


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    My 2nd prompt: Name:  progressive-May-2-WEB.jpg
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    I'm a little behind, but here are my pages:
    Step 1
    Name:  GDSProgressiveMay1st.jpg
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    Step 2
    Name:  GDSProgressiveMay2nd.jpg
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    Step 3
    Name:  GDSProgressive31.jpg
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    Steps 4 and 5
    Name:  GDSProgressive4_5.jpg
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    Step 6
    Name:  GDSProgressive6.jpg
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    Here is what I've done.

    Name:  Progressivechallengepromt1.jpg
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    Name:  Progressivechallengepromt2.jpg
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    Thanks for the elements!
    I have once got this bird in my facebook and loved to use it somewhere.
    I think this is a nice occasion.

    Name:  progressive-step21.jpg
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    creative greetings,

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    Here are
    Prompt 1:

    prompt 2:
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    Any idea when the next prompt will be posted? I try so hard to not be impatient, but I usually don't succeed :)

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    Here's my next step:

    Name:  GDS_May_Progressive_2014_Step_2.jpg
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    I'm not sure what photo to use yet. I'm hoping it'll stop raining here and I can get a photo of a bird or something Spring-like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bekfek View Post
    Any idea when the next prompt will be posted? I try so hard to not be impatient, but I usually don't succeed :)
    I am sure Ginger will have it up soon.

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