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Thread: April 2014 | Be Ispired! Challenge

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    Amazing layouts, thanks for joining us.

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    Jan 2011
    Lelystad, Flevoland, the Netherlands
    Dani, what a challenge!
    I have looked at you picture over and over again and finally had an idea.
    The clothes (hat and gloves) reminded me of this photo of my grandparents and with the melkbottles I had the idea of "no milk today".
    This is what I made, using Hello There, Created by Jill:

    Name:  2014-04-15-inspiration-hellothere-ConeriaScript.jpg
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    creative greetings,

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    Els, this page is fantastic! Thanks for joining us.

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    Hi Dani!
    What has inspired me???
    The suitcase for travels!!
    Here's my lo:
    Name:  travels.jpg
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    Thanks for hosting!!

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    Wow! I love the blockings and photos... super cool composition. Thanks for joining us.

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    See you!

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    I was inspired to do a layout from the 1970's. The photo made me think of older photos, but not as old as vintage, so I dug out an old, very unhappy, photo of myself...Name:  Wenche-in-the--70's_edited-.jpg
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    These are nice layouts. I'm so happy you joined us.

    Oh, norkinus... poor you!

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    This is my answer to this challenge,
    Name:  Be_inspired_the_sum_of_the_parts_web.jpg
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    There were several things that inspired me about the Inspiration photo. One was that several separate items coming together in to a cohesive picture. I was also inspired by the orange, brown and beige color combo. But in the end without trying, I ended up with a few things about the layout that unknowingly mirrored the inspiration. There was the angle of the hat, the milk connection and each item in the layout including papers, stamps etc were all selected from individual kits. I decided to use one item from each kit, or freebie, I downloaded in the first week of April and see what I could achieved. I did not distinguish between whether I bought the kit or it was a freebie, or whether is was a kit, mini kit, or just a free cluster or stamp. I started at the first one in the folder and continued down alphabetically till I reach the last one. I managed to use something from ever download folder with one exception. I only need to recolor two items, and I was amazed at how the different items blended. It was sort of an extra challenge to myself to not skip any,.

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    So you made it a big challenge for youself and I love the outcome... Thanks for joining us.

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