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Thread: Has to be a better way

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    Has to be a better way

    I use PSE8. When I drag paper to a new or current layout, I have to resize it. It's always huge. For example I scrap 12"x12" pages. After I drag the paper in, I have to grab the corner and drag it smaller. I have to do this over and over until it's the same size as my layout.

    Am I making more work for myself?

  2. You are using 12x12 at 300dpi, or 3600x3600 pixels. And the files you are putting on the page are that size as well, right?

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    LilyAnn's onto something ... whenever I inadvertently have a file open that's smaller than those measurements, and I try to drag in papers or elements, that's what happens to me. They're so much bigger and have to be resized.

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    When I open PSE to do a new layout, I start with File; New; Blank File; preset choose Scrapbooking, 12 x 12 with a transparent background.

    then you can drag any papers you open directly to that file and build your layout there.

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    I just checked what size mine were. The paper and the layout are both 12x12, but the layout was 72 ppi. I changed that to 300, like the paper, and it fit right in. Is that what my problem was?

  6. Yes it was. Glad we were able to help.

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