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Thread: "Vintage Flair" Quick Page Exchange, Mar. 27-31

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    "Vintage Flair" Quick Page Exchange, Mar. 27-31

    As you find and collect pieces of our special collab kit "Vintage Flair", you can participate in our special quick page exchange! This will only run for 5 days. Here are the combined previews of this beautiful collab:

    Name:  gds_vinfl_collab_prev.jpg
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    Name:  gds_vinfl_collab_prev2.jpg
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    Name:  gds_vinfl_collab_prev3.jpg
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    Name:  gds_vinfl_collab_prev4.jpg
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    Find out how to get all of the parts HERE.

    Here's how it works:

    Here are the details for this exchange:

    What the quick page exchange is all about:
    Each participant will submit at least 1, 12x12 page using the current collab kit only. You may submit as many pages as you would like to the exchange. All participants will receive download links after the end of the exchange to download all of the quick pages that have been submitted by all participants. You could easily put in 1-3 pages and get back 20+ pages!

    How to create your pages:
    * Pages should be created and saved at 12”x12” and 300 ppi in PNG format. Your photo areas should be transparent when you are done. PNG format will retain the transparency. If you need help with this, you can use my Quick Page Photo cutting styles available HERE.
    These styles are non destructive and instantly make a photo into a transparent area.
    * If you are having trouble getting the transparent areas of the photo to work or look right, please ask for help. We have many community members here who are more than willing to help you!
    *A word about shadows...please use them! You can google "digitalscrapbooking shadow tutorial".

    How to make previews for the gallery and where to put them:
    *Please make a 600x600 preview for each of your quick pages and put the word "Preview" over the top of them so no one can steal them out of the gallery!
    * Post your previews of your quick pages in the Quick Page Exchange gallery for everyone to see! This is not the same place as the general quick page exchange gallery.
    *Take a look in the gallery if you have questions about this format.

    How to name and upload your files:
    *Please name your quick pages in the format "username_vintageflair_gdsqpex_qp01", "username_mystory_vintageflair_qp02", and "username_vintageflair_gdsqpex_qp03". For example, my third quick page for the this exchange would be called "andrea_mystory_vintageflair_qp03.png". This will help me to keep all of the files organized and know who has participated so I can send you links to download.
    * Upload your PNG pages to my drop box here: The password is "ilovescrapbooking" with no quotation marks. This will send your page right to my computer! Please upload ONLY the PNG file with transparent photo places. Upload your quick pages one at a time, making sure to use the file naming procedure above. Please do not zip the files or upload zip files!
    *Please only upload the actual PNG quick pages you created. Do not upload your previews. Put the previews in the gallery only.
    *Submit your page or pages by the deadline! Anyone who doesn't submit by this date will not get download links for the entire album. We will not be waiting for those who have not uploaded yet. I think that will help us to get the final page links out fast for everyone to download. :)

    Deadline information:
    * Once the exchange is over, I will zip up the submitted pages and send download links to all participants through a private message here at GDS. Please have your images posted and uploaded by then so I can get them out to everyone.
    *I will plan on distributing the download links within a few days of the challenge ending.
    *Remember, the deadline for submission this month is March 31, 2014 at MIDNIGHT PACIFIC.

    Other information:
    * Please post here that you uploaded so I can make sure it came through OK and that I got it.
    *I'll keep a list below of who is participating and have uploaded their pages.

    If you participate in this exchange you will receive this last piece of our Vintage Flair collab:

    Name:  andreagold_vinfl_mini05_prev.jpg
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    Last edited by Andrea; 03-28-2014 at 08:05 AM.

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    Here is my QP.
    Will be uploading it to your dropbox in a few moments.
    Thank you all for the great collab!!!!

    Name:  CollabVintageFlairQPexchange.jpg
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    The font is my own handwriting!
    creative greetings,

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    I tend to think making QPs is too much work, but I just unzipped all the minis from the scavenger hunt and WOW! How could I NOT make a QP!? Those minis are fantastic. Thank you to everyone for making such beautiful pieces. I'll be back with my QP!

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    Lapland, northern Sweden
    Here is my first qp.

    Name:  Pippin_vintageflair_gdsqpex_qp01.jpg
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    Here's mine:
    Name:  cathvintageflairqp.png
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    Jul 2013
    Lapland, northern Sweden
    Here is another one from me!

    Name:  Pippin_vintageflair_gdsqpex_qp02.jpg
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    Belleville, Illinois
    Here is my QP

    Name:  gds_Vintage-Flair-layout1_britnkaysmemaw2-qp.jpg
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    Last edited by britnkaysmemaw2; 03-30-2014 at 09:22 AM.

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    One from me :) I absolutely love the photo-cutting style you created, Andrea! Thank you for sharing that with us. My shadows got a little jiggy, but I just played around with them and did the best I could. The issue was definitely operator error, but I don't really know what my problem was.

    Last edited by bekfek; 03-30-2014 at 10:46 AM.

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    Here is mine and Thanks so much for Having this challenge Andrea! And thanks to all the designers that have contributed to this Fantastic Collab. Vintage Flair! I uploaded to you Andrea! Let me know if it didn't go through!

    Last edited by angmag55; 03-30-2014 at 11:11 AM.

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    Virginia USA
    Here is my second QP
    Name:  GDS_techiegirl_gdsqpex_qp2.jpg
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    Dancing puts a smile in your feet.

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