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Thread: Direct selection path - Andrea Gold

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    Direct selection path - Andrea Gold


    Hello Iīm having a big problem and a friend, Vicki Andersen, told me to ask you if you could help me out here.
    My problem has to do with Direct Selection Path and to explain it better then I can in words I took a snapshot and made a layout showing whatīs wrong.
    If you could help me I would be so So SO thankful.
    Name:  DIRECT.jpg
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Size:  1.55 MB
    PS CS5.1
    Bamboo Fun Tablet

  2. Sorry I don't have that program, but have you tried resetting the tool?

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    Typically, you will not see the options until you have a path created and it is selected. That would be my guess. I don't see that you are working with a current path from the screenshots.

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    Thank you for answering me, I donīt think I have a problem :) but I really thought I did and thatīs why I called out. Sorry for being so "stupid" LOL LOL this happens sometimes though and I just want to say THANK you for responding.
    PS CS5.1
    Bamboo Fun Tablet

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