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Thread: Openions please :)

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    Openions please :)

    I finished all the pices for the kit I used to make the Brocalie is bad LO. Added some bits to it as well. I made an thumb of the whole kit and was wondering what everyone would think of it ( the kit). Please let me know. Dont take it easy on me please I really want to know how I really did.

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    I think it's really good. If I had a cat, I'd use it!


  3. The colors and elements are perfect for the title of your kit! I really love the papers too!

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    That is awesome... you are talented!!! Thanks for sharing!

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    Looks great to me - I have cats and would definitely use it - if I could get some pics of them! lol!

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    Well I know I would use the tiles :)
    Looks like the background is transparent on them now? That would be handy. And the papers looks good as well

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    the bg was not transparent??? uh oh must have uploaded the wrong file. :(

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    Great job redring!!

    Love the papers and your elements!
    Liz Pike

    Blog updated Thursday October 19

  9. I love this kit! The only thing I would suggest is adding a bit more red. I can't really see all the pps, so there might be one with red, just noticed the one red embellishment-it kinda sticks out. Maybe a few more red items? I'd use this kit in a heartbeat--I have lots of cat pix to scrap! I normally scrap human pages, and my poor four-leggeds get left out.

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    I just came across this post, your kit is super cute!!! Good Job!!

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