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Thread: Very Special Announcement

  1. Very Special Announcement

    It is with great excitement and joy that we would like to announce that Rebecca Gold (yes, our beautiful designer) has graceously agreed to become our Photography Moderator here at GDS!

    Just to give you a glimpse into Rebecca's passion for photography, she sold her car in order to purchase her first DSLR!

    Look for her fun photography challenges and she'll soon be offering classes and she's definitely your "go to" person for any technical questions, tips and techniques and all other things photography! I think we'll all be learning lots and lots!!

    Here is just a sampling of her wonderful work which I think you'll agree makes her more than qualified to lead us through the crazy maze we so lovingly call photography.

    Please join us in giving her a warm welcome in her new Photography Moderator position here at GDS!!

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    Sep 2006
    Dunedin, New Zealand
    Yay, looking forwards to the classes. I need lots of help

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    oh wow!! How exciting!! Rebecca knows that I have her up on a pedestal both as a designer and a photographer!!

    "When I grow up, I want to be Rebecca Gold"!!!!!!! ;)

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    Sep 2006
    Wanganui, New Zealand
    Very cool!. I couldnt afford a good camera.. but will be interested in the tips and tricks
    Phoenix aka Melissa - SAHM of Shania (13) and Jordan (10)

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Phoenix View Post
    Very cool!. I couldnt afford a good camera.. but will be interested in the tips and tricks
    Hey Phoenix.. that's what our cars are for!!

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    Love the pics Rebecca, and congrats... we are very blessed to have you!!!


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    Yippeee for you!!

    Congrats Rebecca!! Can't wait to participate in your challenges and learn from your tuts!!
    Liz Pike

    Blog updated Thursday October 19

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    I love photography!!!! Keep begging DH for an nice digital I keep drooling over. But he dose not like the profesional camera prices. Congrats!!! .....Selling the car is an good idea. :)

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    Sep 2006
    Varna, Ontario, Canada
    Very cool Rebecca !! Cant wait to learn how to take better pics :)

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    Congrats, Rebecca! We just bought a new digital camera and I have no idea how to use anything but the auto setting. LOL

    I'm looking forward to learning more!!


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