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Thread: Hello everybody from Bavaria, Germany

  1. Smile Hello everybody from Bavaria, Germany


    i want to introduce myself, my name is rubi, thats my nickname, my real name is Andrea, I am 39 years old, working parttime as a teacher for oeconomics.

    I have two sons, aged nearly 7 and 2 and I love to do craftswork, f.e. painting on silk or knitting. I am also a photographer, mostly my kids, but years ago I used to travel a lot with my husband and I took tons of pictures everywhere we go. People say I have a creative hand.... and I would have the wrong profession

    Digital Scrapbooking entered my life throug anoter forum, where other moms and I met and some of them do this and I testet it out .... great thing, I can say..... to present my photos on calenders or in albums...

    but my school-english is a little "rusty", its about 20 years I had to talk and to write everyday in this language in school.... hope you can understand me.....

    I am living in a little town in the north of "Bayern" in Germany, perhaps you know Nürnberg, its about 130 km from there.

    Hope I can learn a lot, I am a really newbie in this!

    Andrea (rubi)

  2. Hi Andrea and Welcome!! Looks to me like your English is perfect!! :)

    Can't wait to see you around and feel free to holler if you have any questions... we're a friendly digiscrapaholic bunch!

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    Hi and welcome!!

    Great to meet you - and your English is fantastic!!! Way better than my German (I think I can remember - from learning it at school - how to ask the way to the station, and that's about it! lol!!)

    Looking forward to getting to know you and seeing your layouts in the gallery :)

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    Rubi welcome to GDS...I am so happy that you have found us. And your english is just fine. I know that you are going to find the community very friendly and if you ever need anything just YELL.

    Check out the challenges they are a lot of fun.

    Welcome again,

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    Hi, Rubi! Welcome to GDS! Your English is just fine - way better than I do on some days - my fingers get ahead of my brain when I type sometimes. Can't wait to see your photos and your layouts....
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    hello and welcome.
    i live in germany too

  7. Welcome!

    Hello! I think you did a wonderful job with your English.

    I was born in Augsburg...not too far from you. My father was in the Army...and my parents loved their stay in Germany. I keep hoping to return there someday.

    I look forward to getting to know you better.

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    I love your nickname!

  10. Hi Rubi!

    I'm living in Germany, too!

    Welcome to GDS!

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