I thought I would pop in and re-introduce myself.
I joined here some time ago when doing one of the great classes.
Now, I plan on possibly becoming more active in the forum here as the digi site I joined way back in 2008 when I started doing digi - the very first site I joined is, about to close.

As I mentioned I started digi in 2008 and then 2009 started to dabble in designing. Have taken part in two different designer contests with one I made it to the last week but pulled out as I realised I did not want to do designing commercially - too much pressure for me as I live a fairly busy life away from the computer. I still design for a Christian Blog Train - Triune Blog Train.

Presently I live in Queensland, Australia but hopefully soon will be living in northern New South Wales to be closer to my one and only daughter and her precious little family who live at Byron Bay.

With being busy packing, I may not take part in many challenges this month but will check them out as I do enjoy challenges as they are great for inspiration.