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Thread: Game The Story Continues

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    Saw not one of the children, or my husband, but a complete stranger!


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    The Story Continues

    Startled I tiptoed back to the other room, wondering what to do.

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    Just an aside

    I have to insert a little story here: When I was little we went to visit my uncle [my mom's brother] and decided to surprise them. We parked in the back, tiptoed in through the back door through the kitchen. They were in the darkened living room watching TV and didn't hear us. As I peaked into the living room I was more than startled to see another family sitting there. I told my dad; he looked and herded us quietly out the back door.

    We went around to the front door and knocked. A strange man came to the door and we found out we were on the wrong street!!! The houses were identical, just on different streets.

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    Hahahaha! Good thing they didn't hear you!

    On with the story:

    Cautiously I picked up the phone to call the police.
    creative greetings,

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    Isn't that the truth!! This story made me think of that.

    Back to the story:

    What is wrong with my phone?

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    Why is it impossible to call the police, this phone doesn't want my code!!! Why? why? OMG!! It's not my phone!!! It's Linda's one... When...
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    [not part of the story] Sorry Cath!! Left off the next word. Good catch! :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by LMorris72399 View Post
    [not part of the story] Sorry Cath!! Left off the next word. Good catch! :)
    It's not a part of the story...
    Sorry for our little conversation, Ladies...
    No problem, Linda!
    I just have to give your phone back, lol!

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    When I hear the front door open and then close.


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    What should I do... go peek again to see if the stranger is gone - or hide?


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