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  1. Printing Question

    I'm just getting started and I had several 12 x 12 pages printed at Costco. One was missing 1/2" of the page on one side and the lady in the photo lab said I have to allow a 20 pixel "bleed" area around the layout. She said that is what the scrapbookers that print there do.

    Anyone know what that means and how you do that in Photoshop Elements 10?

    Also when I compared them carefully I noticed that
    one page was missing about 1/4" from all four sides,
    one was missing about 1/2 an inch on the right only
    and one was missing well over 1/2 an inch on both sides (sorry I am not good with inches so don't have exact - all those 1/8's 1/16's etc just seem so confusing but didn't think people were used to centimetres :-).

    Why would they all be different? The photo lady said she just prints them as they come.
    And I really need help with the 20 pixel bleed area. Thanks

  2. I am assuming your layout was 12 inches at 300dpi
    20 pixels is only .17cm or .067inch. Sounds to me she is giving you wrong information and they haven't set your image up correctly or it would have cut them all off the same. Your image must not have been centered. I am in australia so not costco but find generally printing places apart form the online photobook ones don't really know what they are doing lol.
    What I do is allow 75pixels [1/4 inch or .64cm] on my page that doesnt have anything important on it. Just the backround but no photos or text. If the background right up to the edges is important [if it is decorated] I would go to costco get them to write down for you the size of the image they want to print on 12 inches and the bleed they need and if you make it that size then when you take it in tell them you have made it specifically to their sizing and you want it centered and if its wrong or randomly cropped tell them to do it again lol.
    The bleed is just the area on the edges that may or may not print depending on their machine and how they set it up - how much they zoom in etc. It is just like giving them a little leeway if that makes sense.
    I know when I make photobooks and place my photos that are 12 inches you can always zoom in or out a little and I am sure their software lets them do that as well.
    Hopefully someone else has printed at costco and can help you more but if you are not happy just tell them in as nice as possible of course. i once had a whole book reprinted as it had pages randomly cut off lol.
    In the meantime I am looking at their website and will see what info I can get for you.

  3. Thank you so much for the detailed reply. It makes sense saying it that way, just to basically put all the important stuff centered but only out to 11 1/2 x 11 1/12 basically. Getting them to write it down is a great idea.

    Yes, I will go back and have them redo those ones, thanks. They should at least do it consistently on each page so I know where to scrapbook.

    On PSE10 when I choose 12 x 12 where do I look for the pixel count to see the 75 pixels you mentioned. I want to get this right as printing is expensive.

    Thanks again, I really appreciate you explaining that to me.

  4. I find an easy way is to turn on the grid under view/show/grid and then under edit/preferences/guides and grid I set it to guideline every 1 inch subdivisions 2. That will give you a dark line at 1 inch and a lighter one every half inch. Then just keep your images and text within the first lines form the outside. I dont use PSE much lol as I have CS but you can also set the lines to pixels instead of inches so you could put in every 75 pixels if that is easier for you. We use cm here in australia too lol so I only know inches because I am old enough to have learnt them at school.

  5. Thanks again for the help that was a great explanation. I will check that all out when I can get time to scrapbook again.
    Yes, I live in Canada where it should be in cm but we use so many websites etc from the US and they are still in inches so we have to try to use the old fashioned inches a lot. I grew up in England where cm's came in when I was about 10 so I guess all in all I'm just confused! lol

    Thanks again, I really appreciate your time.

  6. I think australia changed at the same time. I must say it surprises me that the US uses imperial lol I pretty much only know a ruler is either 30cm or 12 inches approx.

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