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Thread: October Progressive Scrap

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    Here is my prompt 4. You've nearly stumped me this time, Vicki because of the second frame and the position and size of my first one, but I think I've just about rescued the page - phewwww!!!

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    The more parts we get the more fun this challenge becomes.
    Here is my prompt3 :

    and this is my prompt4:
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    Prompt 4 has me reading the book Heidi, the girl from the mountains. I loved this book as a little girl and what a good opportunity for me to add my treasured Heidi Hut photo taken on a very foggy day. And...... as no-one has owed up to spilling the wine ggggg I'll unveil the culprit and or the culprits in the last prompt..... if I have room.
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    I did several different treatments on the photo in the cluster frame. The photo is 44 years old and has been scanned. It is very faded so I was happy I get this good a result with it, lol.

    Step 4

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    Just gets even more challenging! Love it.

    Add a photo of my mom [at age 18] treated with a sepia tone. I also did a sepia tone on the photo of my parents but changed the opacity of the sepia toned upper layer to 75% so a bit of the color from the other layer shows through. I felt there was too much color contrast between the two photos so that lessened it so they were more in harmony with soft colors of the LO.

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    tricky very tricky Vicki !!!!! This one really 'got' me
    Here is what I ended up with:
    prompt 4:

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    Happy to see you are all doing so well with my instructions!! Looking fantastic ladies!!

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    Here is Prompt 1. I am way behind here, hoping to catch up, but not tonight I have to go to bed.

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    Prompt 2.

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