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Thread: GDS Aug Collab Kit

  1. Question GDS Aug Collab Kit

    I was wondering if any one can tell me how to receive the School Time Aug Collab Kit that is offered for spending over $10 in the store. I placed an order that was over $10 and tried to include it in my shopping cart but the price of 999,999.00 does not work with pay pal. I received all the items I ordered and now I would like to find out the procedure for getting the kit. Thanks for any help. I have sent 2 emails to the contact address but have not heard anything back.

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    You should get an e-mail telling you how to get your kit. I made my purchase and got my e-mail the next morning.

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  3. Thanks for the response. I placed my order and received it on the 3rd so maybe the weekend is causing the delay. I am anxious to get it!

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    If you back into the store and click contact us, you can send an email. I'm sure that if you do that, you'll hear back soon. Holly is really awesome with helping out with order trouble. Can't wait to see what you make with that awesome collab kit!
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  5. Well I'm so sorry that your purchase got overlooked...this promotion has had overwhelming response so we had a slew of emails to send out. Please accept our apologies but I believe by now you should have received the coupon from me. :) Thanks!
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  6. I got my download link sent to me. Thanks! But now I am wondering if anyone else who received this kit had any trouble opening up the #1 download? I keep getting an error from winrar when it tries to open the file. It says unexpected end to archive. The other 3 downloads worked fine.

  7. I didn't get this kit, but lots of times if I re-download, I can open it. HTH!

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    Per the question on download #1 - yes, I am having same problem. The first file ends up empty after unzipping it. I have re-downloaded the file and ditto.

    So can someone please check #1 file out.

    Thanks, Helen

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