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Thread: Mixed lo week 3.

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    Feb 2009
    france, normandy

    Mixed lo week 3.

    Hi everyone! Cath here with the Mixed lo, week 3!

    Make 1 LO a week with the given directions and get this part of the bonuscollab at the end of the month:

    Upload to your Gallery and show it here.

    Mark this! If you save the LO as .psd and add every week the given items, to make 1 complete LO with all 4 weeks directions, you will get this part extra:

    You may re-arrange and resize things, but you cannot add anything else than the items we give you.
    Show every week the LO so far in your gallery and this thread.

    Let's play!!

    You still can join the first week, if you didn't allready.
    You can find it here and the second week is here.

    Can't wait to see your beautiful layouts!!

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    Feb 2009
    france, normandy
    Here's my lo for week 3:

    a bird, another cup of coffee, Anna Designs.
    a wa, camping trip adventure, Couric Designs.
    4 butterflies, Bouquet douceur d'amour and Bouquet du soleil, Maria Designs.
    7 flowers or leaves, Pink Is Beautiful, Verena Designs.


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    GDS Mixed Layout Wk 3

    Well, I got my week 3 done...getting really full!! :)

    This was a little difficult because I was forced to add more flowers with no place to put them!! Hope next week doesn't have too much more to put on here...also hope I have some of the elements. When you don't have a really big stash it's kinda hard to find things...Had to buy a couple and when there's very little to choose from it's even harder.

    But I'm getting there!

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    You two have done a wonderful job fitting in three weeks worth of elements and making it look beautiful.

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    Belleville, Illinois
    It looks Lovely Linda.....I agree about the additions, and choices, especially when there is very little. The Alpha was a hard one!

    Here is my Week 3

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    Feb 2009
    france, normandy
    Your los are beautiful, Linda and Cathy!!
    I love love them!

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    Thanks! Now let's see what will happen with week 3. I'll have to get really creative I'm sure!

  8. Thanks for the list Cathy... WHEW I had to go shopping yet again

    Here 'tis ~ GDS_Lighthouses_3 ~

    I CT for Happy Scrap Arts, Honorary CT Member 4 S2SS & an Advertisting Assistant 4 SNSD ~ "I will love thee, my Lord, as you are my Rock, my fortress, and my deliverer..." Psalm 18 v 1 & 2

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    The alpha WAS the hard one...but I made it work. At least I had yellow flowers to tie in with the yellow alpha...and there are butterflies on the alpha. :) I'm loving this challenge. Just hope I don't have to do much more shopping...funds are getting scarce around here. Retirement is WONDERFUL except for the pay! LOL

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    Jan 2011
    Lelystad, Flevoland, the Netherlands
    Almost forgot to show mine:

    one ribbon + one button - Queen Bee scraps: Moonlight Ocean Breeze
    7 flowers/leaves - Verena Designs: Spring4Fun
    1 Wordart - Couric Designs: Beach Trip (clipped one of the papers to my words)
    1 animal - Anna Design: Designer Cu vol 68 (not in shop)
    creative greetings,

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