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Thread: September Progressive Challenge

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    these are soooo beautiful!!! I am going to have to go back and do all of them next week. This month is running away from me:)

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    Quote Originally Posted by wwjda2z View Post
    Is it okay to make the ellies smaller or larger? I don't mean number of pixels, I mean how it looks in relation to the other componants in the picture.
    It's okay to resize the ellies. I thought I had mentioned that in the posting. However, ones that are already placed can't be re-sized, only the ones for the current prompt.

    I hope that explains it to you.

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    I LOVE all the layouts. This is a great challenge and kit. Thank you Darlene & Vicki!!!

    You just never know where your layout will take you.... I think some of my favorites are from speed scraps or progressive challenges that I have completed....
    Everyone is doing such a great job!

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    Here's my Prompt 5:

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  5. Joy Of Dancing

    This is my first ever attempt at digital scrap booking. I learned to do layers on this challenge. Thanks so much!
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  6. Whoops!

    My pictures are way too big on this page. Sorry. :(
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  7. Prompt 3

    Here's the third one!
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  8. prompt 4

    And now the fourth one.
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  9. Darlene - just found this new Prompt tonight - but I'm so tired after a long day - I'll post it tomorrow

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    The Moon Stars and Clouds Surround You... Prompt 5

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