Web size. Ok, here is my problem. All my SB pages inc. cards are done in my Corel Draw X4 program. I figured out how to save for a JPG (are these suppose to be jpg's or something else?), but I can't figure out (hmmmm) how to get it in an image, for me to upload? Oh, I see below here in typing msg, that I can save as a png, I can try that, perhaps? Aren't pngs bigger files as in bytes then jpg's?

How would I adjust the size of file I would like to upload?

Thanks for the urls, but sorry I have to bug you with more questions. I did watch the video, understood that portion, but I need to save the page first and I'll all confused. I know I've done this before...that was years before, but it seems to have left my memory, so frustrating.

If you can understand what I'm asking (more power to you lol), please respond, thank you!

Many Blessings