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Thread: Christmas in July - Christmas Card Exchange

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    Christmas in July - Christmas Card Exchange

    at Go Digital Scrapbooking!

    I'm hosting a challenge for you that will hopefully fill your Christmas Stockings with wonderful cards that you can send out to your family and friends when the holiday season rolls around. And trust me, it will come sooner than we all want - I'm sure! Just think - you can already cross one thing off of your Christmas "THINGS TO DO LIST" with a potpourri of digital scrapbooking holiday cards!

    It's really quite a simple challenge. I'd like you all to create a Christmas Card. Plain and simple right! You can leave an opening for a photo, or not. I'd suggest using a layout size of either 5" x 7" or flipped to 7" x 5". That way it will be easy to print them off on your home computer if you'd like and pop them into an envelope, or as some also do, send them in an email. They'd be a small enough size as to be able to email it without being too large.

    And then we're going to SHARE THEM ALL! So if we have 10 or 20 people participating - that's how many cards you'll end up with. You'll have a super variety and you can pick and chose who's getting what card when you send them out.

    When you are finished your card, upload it to the gallery and then come back and post your LO in this thread as well. Then email me your file ( and at the end of July, I will upload all the cards to a file sharing site. I'll send out the link and you can download all the cards at once. Then - there's your Christmas Card stash ready to go!

    I've started it off with our first card and I've left space to put a photo i. When you receive it - you could also fill it in with another paper if you like, add some text - whatever you'd like. For some of you that may place a photo frame in the middle of your card (i.e. if you're using the template provided) and need to know how to make that space empty so you can place a photo, just let me know and I can tell you how to do it. Or, I can do it for you - just send me your card and I'll send the card back to you all ready to go. I'll leave that up to you.

    GDS products are at an awesome 50% OFF in our Christmas in July category if you'd like to take advantage of the sale to pick a kit for this challenge!

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    how fun!!! I have never done this before so I will give it a try.. would be fun to actually send out cards this year!!

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    Christmas...did you say Christmas?????Count this little elf in- love it ho ho ho

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    Sounds like fun!

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    Here's my Card

    I didn't put a space for a photo, but a possibility would be to do a blended photo for those who might want to add a photo!

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    That's a great idea also Cathy - love the card!

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    I couldn't help myself...I made 2- one elegant and the other fun...I do loooove Christmas.
    link to gallery

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    2nd card

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    Hi Everyone!
    Here are mine:

    I'm not sure of the size, lost with no cm, lol
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    Helen and Cath - those are so fabulous! I'm like you Helen - I love traditional and fun. Of course, when sending them out, certain people with get traditional - and my goofy friends will get fun! Love them!

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