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Thread: Howdy!

  1. Howdy!

    Howdy everyone!

    I wanted to pop in here and post a little introduction about myself. My name is Vanessa and I am currently a stay at home mommy. I have lived in Omaha, Nebraska for the past ten years, but I am originally from Western Kentucky. After living in a city and also out in the country, I can honestly say that I love the best of both worlds. I definitely couldn't live without the convenience of having everything at hand, but I will always love my rural roots. I have been married to my husband for almost ten years and we have four children that amaze us each and every day. I am a huge nerd. I love all things nerdy - comic books, science, math, computers, computer programming, just everything. =P I also enjoy DIY projects and crafting - things like sewing, knitting, paper crafts, etc. Another thing that I greatly enjoy is graphic design and web design. I have been creating blog graphics for many years and I love it so much! I also enjoy baking and gardening. I love anything to do with Halloween and I am a Hello Kitty addict. =P I look forward to participating in challenges and getting to know everyone! I am pretty much an open book and I love making new friends so please don't be shy!

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    Welcome Vanessa, wow, you are a busy bee!
    I am sure you will be addicted to GDS in no time
    creative greetings,

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    Vanessa - so glad you've found GDS. You sound like a girl after my own heart! I love the city but have moved to the burbs, but love that I'm close to both.

    Glad you're ready to jump into the challenges here - there's lots going on! Looking forward to seeing your creations in the gallery!

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    welcome welcome!!! so great to have you here.. the challenges are awesome and it will be fun to see your work!

  5. Hi Vanessa and welcome. You certainly sound like an interesting bundle of happiness and I look forward to seeing more of you around the forum and gallery. Enjoy.

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    Howdy Vanessa,

    Welcome! Reading your introduction I get the feeling you are not someone that has nothing to do
    Looking forward to seeing you around here at GDS

  7. Hi Vanessa,
    Glad to see some familiar faces here.

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    Hi Vanessa.

    Welcome to GDS.

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    Hi Vanessa. Wonderful to see you here at GDS!

  10. Welcome Vanessa, Glad you made it to GDS!!

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