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Thread: Big Thank You to the Legacy Ladies!!!

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    Big Thank You to the Legacy Ladies!!!

    Starting this month, our design team will be hosting challenges here at GDS again. This will be a great way for our community to get to know our designers! Please take the opportunity to join in the challenges for this month.

    We would like to thank our wonderful Legacy Ladies for hosting challenges over the past while. We really appreciate their dedication and hard work! The Legacy Ladies will be hosting some fun, new games for us each month, so make sure to look for their posts in the games and challenges thread each month. :)

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    We are looking forward to see what wonderful challenges all the great GDS designers create for us this month.

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    Yes - the Legacy Ladies do a wonderful job, and we're so thankful to have you here!

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    And we're so happy to be here and have fun with you all!!

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    Thanks for your kind words!

    Let's add some Games, just for fun, to the Challenges.
    We will have 4 Games, if you are active in 2 this month, you will receive a part of the Bonus collab at the end of the month.
    And, if you are active in all 4 of them, you will receive 2 parts!

    Hope we will see a lot of members participating, join us in the Fun!
    creative greetings,

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    Even more fun and games, and so happy to have the designers more involved along with our great Legacy Ladies!

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    It will be great to see more of the designers! Great idea!

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    this is an awesome idea!!! can't wait to have some fun this month!

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    What great ideas - have already joined in a couple!!

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    The Legacy Ladies did a fab job of running the challenges and I am going to try to keep up the fun now that designers are hosting them. I'm already having a blast!


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