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Thread: STXV Round 4 Chatter Area!!!!!

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    Hi there Round 4 contestants!!!!!

    Seems that there are still a few problems with the description area in the gallery.

    Here are a few tips!

    1. Do not enter your description on the first upload screen.....wait until the second upload page to enter your description.
    2. Do not use any special characters in your descriptions. such as: semi colons, quotations marks or apostrophes
    3. You are limited in the amount of characters allowed. ( I am not sure what the exact # is, but know you need to keep it simple) For instance, if saying you made an adjustment to element # 6 might say I added drop shadows where needed, or added bevels to flower elements.

    If these do not work....then please PM me with the description you wanted in your layout and I will edit to get it in as best I can!

    Good luck to all of you!
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