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Thread: STXV Round 3 Layouts

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    Don't know why I can't get mine to show but it's here:

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    Hi Jean----I added the pic for you.

    To get your lo to show up
    Go to the page where your full size layout is -
    Right Click on the layout and go to properties
    Copy the Address (url)
    come back to the forum thread where you want to post the layout
    click on the little yellow mountain looking box above and paste the address url you just copied into the box that pops up. (Make sure you erase the http:// that is in the box when you open it.)
    Tell it OK, and your lo should show up!

    There's a great Video Tutorial that shows you these steps probably better than I typed it out!

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    Thanks, Cathy. I just discovered the video and was coming back here to do it but you beat me to it.
    I also see my description showed up in the gallery so thank you for that, as well. You're an angel! (they need to add an angel smilie, lol!)

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    Belleville, Illinois
    You are very welcome Jean!

    btw....I have been called lots of things, but Angel was never one of them, ROFL!

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    Amazing job with Tricia's kit everyone! Loving the layouts so far.

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    Here is my Round 3 layout.I really got into this one. Lots of fun to play with.

    Dancing puts a smile in your feet.

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    Thanks once again to Tricia from Soul 2 Seoul Scraps for designing this bundle for us to play with this round.
    Here is my page: My Main Guys

    I tried so hard not to see anyone's layouts before I finished mine...but they kept popping up in I did get a sneak peak at a couple of them!!! LOL :)
    They are I'm off to the gallery to see them all and leave some love. Good luck everyone.

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    Here's mine. Loved this kit, such beautiful colors!
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    such awesome layouts!! I have had a couple of days not being able to be on the computer so enjoying all of them now!

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    Yeah, I finally got mine done ... wasn't sure if I'd finish or not ... a good friend of Mike and I had a stroke Thursday evening and was transferred to a hospice facility during the night. Have spent a lot of time there with his wife over the last couple of days.

    The gallery looks awesome, hopefully I'll have a little time later today to comment on LO's.

    Tricia, thank-you for the use of your wonderful kit!!!

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